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COVID-19 Wedding Guide

Resources for Brides & Grooms During The Pandemic

 Bride & Groom Wearing Medical Face Masks

Looking For Facts about COVID-19? CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Portal is a resource for non-editorialized information about the virus, how it spreads, how to stay safe and more.


5 Tips For Handling Your Wedding During The Pandemic

Are you facing wedding complications? Check out these tips and ideas to help you brainstorm the perfect solution for getting married and celebrating safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Follow CDC Guidelines & Obey Local Laws/Ordinances - No matter what you do for your wedding, you must ensure it meets current CDC prevention guidelines. You should also check with your local laws and health guidelines to ensure your celebrations are not infringing upon any rules or are otherwise presenting health risks to your community and guests.
  1. Get Married - Don't put your relationship on hold for the pandemic. You deserve this. You'll likely have to make adjustments for all of your celebrations, but the marriage itself can still be officiated safely with just the bride, groom and a witness present. If local health guidelines and laws/ordinances allow, you may even have your groomsmen and bridesmaids present and fully dressed while maintaining a safe social distance.
    photo depicting two wedding rings
  2. Dress Up - No matter what size or shape your wedding and celebrations take on, you should still dress for the occasion. Get yourself a tux, the bride should absolutely wear a dress, and if conditions allow, the groomsmen and bridal party should follow suit.
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  3. Hire a Photographer To Capture Memories - Even if you don't have a reception, you can still create wonderful memories with a smaller group of individuals by hiring a photographer and staging a shoot. Some of the best wedding photos from the pandemic have come from couples embracing the situation and creating lasting, unique memories.Social Distance with a Wedding Photographer
  4. Embrace The Mask - There are countless varieties of wedding masks for brides and grooms. The groom can even get away with a cheap black mask while the bride can explore some of the more elegant styles and made-for-bride options.
    White Lace Bridal Face Mask
  5. Consider a Shorter Celebration - Consider reducing the duration of your celebrations to keep folks from spending too much time near each other, even while following CDC and local health guidelines.


5 Socially Distanced Wedding Reception Ideas & Alternatives

These wedding reception ideas will help you accommodate your guests safely. Above all else, please follow CDC Guidelines for prevention and obey your local laws and pandemic-related ordinances.

  1. Small Reception Idea: Immediate Family Only - Check your local health guidelines and see if hosting your immediate family for a reception would allow you to celebrate with those closest to you while following all national and local health guidelines.
  2. Postponed Reception - If you can't have the celebration you want, you can delay it until a time when it is safe to host the reception you always imagined having.
  3. Consider Staggered Attendance - Invite guests in smaller groups and assign them time-slots so that you can accommodate everyone while following CDC and local health guidelines. You can ensure your guest count / occupancy never exceeds the limit guidelines while seeing everyone at an acceptable social distance.
    Wedding Reception Duration
  4. Drive-By Reception - Be creative and organize a drive-by reception! The bride and groom can be fully dressed, the bridal party and groomsmen can even be present at a distance. Setup a table, decorate it, and have the bride and groom sit together and wave while the bridesmaids and groomsmen collect gifts from drivers/guests. Have guests make a second lap where the bride and groom can get up from their table and thank/greet all guests from a safe social distance.
  5. No ReceptionIt's perfectly understandable and acceptable to not have a reception during the pandemic. There are other ways to celebrate and create memories and you'll forgo a lot of expenses, which is likely helpful in these difficult times.

Getting A Wedding Tuxedo During The Pandemic

Our service is the ideal solution for getting a suit or tuxedo for your wedding with zero-contact. You never have to step foot into a small, stuffy tuxedo shop again.

3D Photo Sizing - Zero Contact Suit Sizing

Here's How National Tuxedo Rentals Keeps You Safe & Looking Great:

  • 3D Photo-Sizing - Our 3D Photo Sizing allows you to take two photos of yourself and get instant accurate sizes without getting measured up-close by a person.
  • Online Group Coordination - You can coordinate your entire wedding party online without ever having to meet in person.
  • Free No-Contact Delivery - Your items are delivered to your door without any contact or interaction - you do not have to sign for your items.
  • Free No-Contact Returns - You can drop your items off at any FedEx location, Walgreens, or schedule a free home pickup.
  • Fast & Free At-Home Exchanges - We will replace anything that doesn't fit for free before your wedding. You can request free replacements easily online.
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COVID-19 Wedding Links & Resources

We have compiled a list of what we feel are some of the most helpful resources for brides & grooms planning a wedding during the pandemic.
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