I can’t find my saved tuxedo, can you help?

Unfortunatley there is not a way to recover a saved tuxedo if you lost the link, unless it were saved to your account through our Weddnig Tuxedo Manager.

If you did not save your tux to a wedding account – we cannot recover your links.

Saved tuxedos are stored without any personally identifying information, this is by design to ensure the privacy and security of your information as well as making it easy and save to share your saved tuxedo links with anyone. Without any identifying information associated with our saved tuxes, it’s impossible for us to distinguish who created one tuxedo versus another.

We are currently monitoring the volume of inquiries we get about this feature and will consider adding additional functionality that would give you the option of associating your saved tuxedo with your email address for retrieval purposes in the event you lose your tuxedo link.

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