What is the difference between a “store account” and a “Group Tuxedo Manager account”?

Your Group Tuxedo Manager account is not the same as a store account, and vice versa. So if you’re having trouble logging in to our store or the tuxedo manager, make sure you’re in the right place for the type of account you’re trying to log into and that you have that sort of account setup.

In short, one account is for accessing your personal tranactions and manage and place your orders with our store – the other type is for managing tuxedos for a group, and interacting with our Group Tuxedo Manager to assign tuxedos to friends and family.

Store Accounts

Your store account is the account you use to place your order and manage your orders history and account details with NationalTuxedoRentals.com – it’s just like any other online store account and on it’s own, nothing quite remarkable outside of it being an essential part of your online shopping experience.

When you create a store account, you cannot use it to login to the Group Tuxedo Manager – only the “My Account” and “Checkout” screens of our online store.

Group/Wedding Tuxedo Manager Accounts

Your Group Tuxedo Manager account is used to access your “group dashboard” of the group tuxedo manager, which allows you to manage and coordinate tuxedos for your special event from one place.

You cannot use your group tuxedo manager credentials to login to our store front.

Do I Need Both?

It’s not required to have either a store account or a group tuxedo manager account when shopping with us. So you technically don’t need either. But there are different cases where you would want to have one, or the other, or both. So read on and see which of the following scenarios describes you best:

If you’re not part of a group and want to rent some items:

Then we recommend having a store account for yourself so that you can access your order history and check your order status in the future. You don’t need a wedding party manager account.

If you’re in charge of coordinating tuxes for a group:

Definitely sign up for a Group Tuxedo Manager account, it will make getting everyone’s tuxes organized so much easier! Also, when you eventually place your order, be sure to sign up for a store account so you can login and check on your orders in the future,

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