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A tuxedo package includes a variety of accessories. Start Building

Choose Your Jacket

Price shown includes accessories. Boys sizes available unless noted otherwise. Choose accessories in the following steps.

Filter Jacket Styles

    Choose Your Pants

    The following styles are available for this tuxedo. Included for free.

    Choose Your Shirt

    Choose your free, included shirt. Remember: wingtip collars are almost always worn with a bowtie.

    Pick One:

    Choose between vest, cummerbund, or neither — included for free.

    Note From The Future: In the next steps you will be able to select from hundreds of color and pattern options.

    • Tuxedo Vest

      Vests are the more popular choice as they are more versatile and able tobe worn with any neckwear style.

    • Cummerbund

      A cummerbund looks great when worn with a bowtie, and gives off a more classical formal vibe.

    • Neither

      Going with just a shirt under your jacket is fine too. Perfect for the minimalist.

    Vest Collection

    Your vest collection determines the pattern/print style of your vest.

    In the next step you will be able to choose from a variety of color options.

    • Solid Satin 71 Colors
      Solid Satin Swatch
    • Striped Satin 65 Colors
      Striped Satin Swatch
    • Tapestry 65 Colors
      Tapestry Swatch
    • Tuxedo Fabric 8 Colors
      Tuxedo Fabric Swatch
    • Vitro Satin 71 Colors
      Vitro Satin Swatch
    • Herringbone 56 Colors
      Herringbone Swatch
    • Venetian 36 Colors
      Venetian Swatch
    • Palermo 36 Colors
      Palermo Swatch
    • Novelty Prints
      Novelty Swatch

    Vest Color

    Select your Free Vest option.

    Now Viewing: Solid Satin Vests

      Neckwear Style

      Neckwear Included Free. You can choose a collection and color in the next step.

      Style Tip: If you’re wearing a wingtip shirt or a cummerbund, go with a bowtie. Unless you’re planning something risky.

      • Bow Tie300+ Colors/Prints
        Bow Ties
      • Long Tie300+ Colors/Prints
        Long Ties
      • Skinny Tie200+ Colors/Prints
        Skinny Long Ties
      • Ascot21 Colors/Prints
      • Sharpei71 Colors
      • Other Choices8 Styles
        Other Neckwear Choices

      Neckwear Collection

      The collection you choose determines the pattern/print of your chosen neckwear style.

      In the next step you’ll be able to choose from a variety of color options.

      • Solid Satin71 Colors
        Solid Satin Collection
      • Striped Satin71 Colors
        Striped Satin Collection
      • Tapestry65 Colors
        Tapestry Collection
      • Venetian36 Colors
        Venetian Collection
      • Herringbone56 Colors
        Herringbone Collection
      • Palermo36 Colors
        Palermo Collection
      • Plaid8 Colors
        Plaid Collection
      • Novelty3 Prints
        Novelty Collection

      Neckwear Style

      Choose a color option to finalize your included neckwear choice.

      Now Viewing: Loading...

        Jewelry Style

        Jewelry is included for free. Choose your favorite style.

          Add Shoes?

          Shoes can be added to any tuxedo package for just $19

            Finally, Enhance Your Tux.

            Add/Select optional upgrades below, then press the blue continue button at the bottom.

            Or you can continue and review your package now.

            • Fullback vs Backless Vest

              Check the box above to upgrade to a fullback vest (shown left). Fullback vests are especially useful in warm weather and hot venues where you might wish to take off your tux jacket and still want to look great.

            • Pocket Square

              Check the box above to include a matching Pocket Square. A pocket square (A.K.A. handkerchief) can be worn in your tuxedo jacket’s breast pocket for added coordination and flare.

            • Suspenders

              Use the menu above to select a color & include suspenders. Suspenders typically give added support to your pants, but most customers include them because they simply look great.

            • Formal Dress Socks

              Use the menu above to select a color & include socks. These are brand new socks, and they’re yours to keep. Please do not return them.

            Your Selections:

            Proceed by clicking the blue 'Continue' button below.

              Save Your Look

              Add A Person

              Save/Share Your Tuxedo

              Save your tuxedo for later, or so you can share with others or add it to a group account.

              • Note: Having a group account lets you save your tuxedos on our website, add people to your online group, assign tuxes to those people, track their progress while they get their sizes, send reminders, place orders and more! Take complete control over your group's tuxes!

              • Click the button below and you will be taken to your group dashboard if you're still logged in. Otherwise, you will be prompted to login or register - after which your tuxedo will be waiting for you in your group account dashboard.

              • Your saved tuxedo url is: http://...

                You can right click (or long-press on mobile) the above link to copy, share, or bookmark it.

              Your Sizes

              Select whichever option suits you best.

              • Find / Enter Your Sizes
              • Get Previous Order Sizes
              • Save & Return Later

              Enter Your Sizes Below

              Enter what you can. The more info, the better.



              ft. in.




              Jeans Waist Size

              Shoe Size

              Chest Type

              Regular Chest Build

              Stomach Type

              Flat Stomach Type

              My Preferred Suit Fit...

              Additional Information

              For a more precise fit, fill out this information. Click here to open our printable measuring tape.


              Have a friend measure around the middle of your neck, not too tight — record the measurement at a relaxed fit.

              My Neck Is:

              Sleeve Length

              Have a friend begin at the nape (center of the back of your neck, shoulder height) and guide the measuring tape out over your shoulder and down the outer edge of your arm, stopping just past your wrist bone. Record this as your sleeve length.

              My Arms Are:


              Have a friend wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your chest and back, under your arms.

              Coat Size

              If you know your coat size, you can provide it here.


              Take off your belt, and measure snugly around your waist where your pants normally sit.

              Pant Length (Inseam)

              Check your pant tags. If you see two numbers like this: 36–30, then 30 is your inseam.

              Pant Length (Outseam)

              Have a friend begin at your hip, about 2" below belly-button height. From there, measure down the outside of the leg, to the floor. Deduct 1.5" and record your outseam.

              Hip Measurement

              Measure around the widest part of your hips and butt. Sounds weird, but it helps.

              Who Took Your Measurements?


              Enter Your Sizes Below

              Enter what you can. The more info, the better.

              Try our Tuxedo Size Calculator.

              Coat Sizes

              Find your coat size with our helpful size calculator.

              Coat Size

              Your coat size is determined based on a number of factors. If you have a suit jacket that fits you well, refer to the size on the tag. If you do not know your coat size, please refer to our Tuxedo Size Guide.

              Insleeve Size (Optional)

              If you have access to a measuring tape, have a friend measure from your armpit down the inner-side of your arm to just past the wrist bone. The resulting measurement is the insleeve size. If you cannot get your insleeve measurement, that's okay - the field is optional, but does help ensure that your tux is sized appropriately.

              Pants Sizes

              Waist Size

              How do I get my Waist Size?

              While not wearing a belt, have a friend measure around your waist, where your comfortable having your pants normally sit. Be sure to pull the tape measure very tight (trust us!) This measurement will be your pant waist size.

              Jeans Waist Size

              What is my jeans waist size?

              The waist size you select when buying your jeans or the number printed on the size tag of your jeans. If your jeans size is 36-30, then "36" is your jeans waist size. The latter number, ("30" in our example), is your pant length (inseam).

              Note: You may choose to fill both, or just one of the pant length fields - but you must fill at least one.

              Pant Length (Inseam)

              You can find your inseam on your jeans size. For instance, if you wear a size 36-30 jeans, the latter number (in this example, '30') is your inseam. To get a measurement, have a friend measure from your pant-crotch, down the inside of your leg, stopping at where your pants end. This is your pant inseam measurement.

              Pant Length (Outseam)

              Have your friend measure from the top of your pants at your outer waist, down your outer leg, to the end of your pants. This is your pant outseam measurement.

              Hip Measurement (optional but recommended)

              Place the tape measure around the widest part of your hips, and continue wrapping down around the biggest part of your buttocks. We know it sounds silly, but this will ensure that your trousers are the perfect fit for you. This measurement is also typically 6" more than your waist measurement.

              How Will You Wear Your Tuxedo Pants?

              Shirt & Shoe Sizes


              Have a friend wrap a measuring tape around the middle of your neck, where a shirt collar would lay. While the tape is around your neck, place two fingers against your neck beneath the tape - the resulting measurement is your neck size.


              Have your friend place the measuring tape at the nape (center of the back of your neck, shoulder height - click to view) and guide it over your shoulder and down the outer edge of t your arm, stopping just past your wrist bone. The resulting measurement will be your sleeve length.

              My Arms Are:

              Arm length is typically relative to your height, though some people are exceptions to this rule and differ significantly in this respect. Sharing this information with us gives context to your sleeve measurement that will be helpful to our sizing staff.

              Shoe Sizes

              Required, Even If You Arent Getting Shoes.
              Our tuxedo shoe sizing runs similar to other mens shoe sizes. If you are unsure of your shoe size, check a pair of shoes that fit you well, the size is usually printed on the inside tongue of the shoe, or on the insole.

              Basic Measurements


              ft. in.

              Measure from the top of your head to the floor while standing straight with your shoulders relaxed. Also, if your drivers license or state identification is current, you may also use the height information as an indication of your height.


              If you do not have access to a scale at home, you can estimate by using your last recorded weight and take into consideration any changes your body has gone through since that time.


              Body Type


              Regular Chest Build


              Flat Stomach Type

              Concerned About Your Sizes?

              • Sizes & Measurements are double-checked by our sizing staff for accuracy.
              • If you need an exchange for sizing issues, we will ship out replacements at zero cost to you.
              • To be eligible for zero-cost replacements, you must try on your tuxedo and notify us of any issues within 48 hours of delivery.

              Complete your package.

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              Tuxedo Rental Pacakge

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              This is the easiest and best way to rent a tuxedo online. You build your tux in a guided, step-by-step manner. We show you the goods, you pick the ones you like, and move right along. Great for weddings, proms, the academy awards, or any time you need a tux.

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              Get Fitted Using Photos - 3D Photo Sizing

              Our Tuxedo Rental Reviews

              National Tuxedo Rentals is rated 4-5 stars on Facebook, Google, The Knot and More!

              Don't Fall For The ShakedownOur Price is the Real Price

              You'll save about $50 per suit with National Tuxedo Rentals as we don't charge extra for basic accessories.

              National Tuxedo Rentals

              Our $109 rental includes a complete tuxedo.
              Our base price includes your accessories.


              • $109

                Includes: Tuxedo, Shirt, Vest,
                Tie & Jewelry

              • $137

                Includes: Everything Included Above, Plus... Pocket Sq., Suspenders, & Shoes.

              Other Rental Companies

              Their $99 rental is only a coat & pants.
              See below for totals when you add accessories.


              • $129

                Includes: Tuxedo, Shirt, Vest,
                Tie & Jewelry

              • $169

                Includes: Everything Included Above, Plus... Pocket Sq., Suspenders, & Shoes.

              Tuxedo Rental Information

              Rent a tuxedo right here, for the lowest price. Our high quality suits and tuxes come with a built-in fit guarantee — If something doesn't fit, we'll replace it free without you having to send anything back. Tux rental has never been easier.

              Tuxedo Rental

              Tuxedo Rental Cost & Prices

              The cost of a complete tuxedo rental is $109 at National Tuxedo Rentals. We also have additional packages for $119 and $139.

              Included Items: Tuxedo coat, coordinated pants, dress shirt, vest / cummerbund, neckwear, shirt studs (4), cufflinks (2) and a travel garment bag.

              Optional Upgrades: Shoes ($17), Pocket Square ($4), Suspenders ($5)

              Included Amenities: Guaranteed Fit, Free Replacements, Pre-Paid Return Postage, Home Pick-Up Service, Exchanges Without Sending Anything Back, Dry-Cleaning Before & After Rental.


              Tuxedo Rental Definition

              In our long industry experience, we feel we have developed an essential understanding of the term.

              Tuxedo Rental

              noun | tuxedo rental | təkˈsēdō ren(t)l   

              1. a service that grants an individual temporary ownership of a high-quality formal garment for a rate significantly lower than its retail price.
              2. a garment set that has been rented from a formal wear company, typically consisting of coat, pants, shirt, vest, tie and jewelry.

              Synonyms: Tux Rental, Suit Rental, Renting Tuxedos

              Tuxedo Rental Sizing Information

              We offer tuxedo rentals for boys and men of all sizes. Our tuxedo size range starts at Boy's 3 and run all the way up to men's 70 X-Long, making our size range the largest of any online tuxedo rental service. We also offer tuxedo and suit pants that accommodate up to a size 71" waist, and accessories to fit those sizes as well.

              You don't need to know your sizes to get a tux rental, our sizing questions are very simple and straightforward, and the only required details are things most people know off-hand. Our 

              Need Help With Sizing or Measurements? Visit our Tuxedo and Suit Rental Sizing Guide

              Looking For Boy's Size Charts? View Our Boys Rental Sizing Charts

              What if my tux rental doesn't fit?

              If your tuxedo rental does not fit, you are covered by our fit-guarantee and are entitled to free back-up sizes and replacements to be sent before your event date at no cost to you. For more information, visit our rental exchange policy page.

              Getting Your Tuxedo Rental

              If you have not ordered, you can get started by building a tuxedo (there should be a start button floating at the bottom of your screen). Once you have entered your sizes, you can checkout and rent your tuxedo.

              Tuxedo Delivery & Exchanges

              Your tuxedo arrives at your door within 7-10 days of your event for early try-on. This allows for plenty of time for an exchange if anything doesn't fit. Have a last minute order? Check availability.

              Exchanges are 100% free for sizing issues as long as you notify us within 48 hours of delivery (so that we have ample time to deliver your free replacements).

              Don't want a complete tuxedo?

              You don't have to rent a whole tuxedo from us. Maybe you just want a bowtie, or a tuxedo shirt - we get that. There are many reasons for not wanting a complete tux, and we have designed the site to make shopping for individual items really easy.

              For customers who wish for a traditional online shopping experience, you can browse our tuxedo catalog and add individual rental formalwear items to your cart.

              Tux Rental Links & Resources

              Here are our most helpful links and resources for formal wear rental:

              • Affordable Tux Rental - Our guide to affordable tux rental discusses money-saving techniques for your next formal rental as well as our special discounts and promotions.
              • Free Tuxedo - Renting for a Wedding or group? Get a Free Rental code for the Groom instantly! Just sign up and add 4 people - no purchase necessary to receive a code!
              • Tuxedo Rental Help - Our help section is available to answer any question you may have about renting a tuxedo, our services, policies and more!
              • Tuxes for Weddings - View our selection of wedding tuxedos, suits and formal jackets for rental online.
              • Cruise Formal Wear Rental - Browse our curated collection of cruise-ready attire and see our excellent cruise-friendly rental policies!

              Ready To Build Your Tuxedo?

              For detailed sizing information, please visit our tuxedo sizing and measuring guide.

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