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Here's How It Works

  • 1Add Your People
  • 2Create & Assign Your Tuxes
  • 3Track Everyone's Progress

When you need to rent tuxedos for a group of people, the Group Tuxedo Manager makes it easy and using it is 100% FREE.

Have a really big group? You’ll never have to do anything one-by-one, our bulk import feature and bulk-actions tools will help you get things done quickly in one go, even for groups totaling over 200 individuals.

Perfect for Weddings: Manage Your Wedding Tuxedo Rentals

  • Special Tuxedo Pricing For Qualifying Groups
  • Customized Service & Policies
  • Delivery Anywhere in the US
  • FREE Return Shipping
  • FREE Exchanges for Sizing Issues
  • Online Size Submission
  • Customized Online Instructions For Your Group

Group Tuxedo Rental Made Easy

The Group Manager’s easy to use interface and guided walk-throughs will help you get started in no-time. Savvy users can also take advantage of time-saving features that allow you to perform actions for multiple group members at the same time.

Follow Everyone’s Progress

Your group will appear on your dashboard with clearly marked statuses for each person, which indicate whether that person has entered their sizes as well as whether or not that person’s tuxedo has been ordered.

If someone has fallen behind, you can send reminders at the press of a button.  You’ll also get real-time email notifications whenever someone takes action in your group.

Save Money Renting Tuxes

When you register your group, you lock-in the pricing of tuxes for your event. Currently all tuxedo builder tuxes are $60-Off – When you register today, you’re guaranteed that promotional pricing no matter when your event takes place, even if it’s a year or two from now. If the prices get lower, we’ll give you the lower price – ensuring you always get the best deal.

100% Free To Use | No CC Required

There is no cost to get started – we only request basic account info such as name, email, and phone number when you register. There is absolutely no charge for using the Group Tuxedo Manager – it’s a free service to help you rent our tuxes easily.

Flexible Rental Payment Options

You can choose to let everyone pay for their own tuxes, or your can pay for some or all of them – it’s completely up to you. When someone has submitted their sizes, their tux will become available for order. At that time, you can choose to send a checkout link and instructions to that person (via a simple button), or add their tuxedo to your own shopping cart and checkout. You can also wait until everyone’s tuxes are ready to order and add them all to your cart at once.

Simple Formal Wear Payment Arrangements

You can arrange to have everyone pay for themselves, or setup a single-payer option where we’ll invoice you for the combined total of your tuxedo rentals. Whether you pay for everyone, or everyone pays for their own tuxedo rentals – it can be done easily online.

Easy Tuxedo Exchanges – We’ll Handle Everything

When your items arrive, everyone’s tuxedo will include instructions for trying items on and requesting replacements for non-fitting items. Exchanges for sizing issues are 100% free and everyone can request their own replacement items online – this means you will not have to coordinate confusing exchanges on behalf of everyone else. Easy!

Experts in High-Quantity and High-Profile

Every year we handle larger and larger events and impress our clients. In 2017 we kicked off the year by providing formal wear for the official production crew of the Presidential Inauguration and the associated Liberty and Freedom Balls to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Be Aware of Everyone’s Rental Progress

We’ll let you know who has submitted their sizes so that you can be aware of any stragglers. Soon, we’ll be launching our event manager that can handle groups of any size and will automatically remind party-members to submit their sizes, pay for their items and more – while you’ll be able to monitor everyone’s progress in real-time.

FREE Tuxedo Delivery to Select Locations

We typically deliver via FedEx, however qualifying parties of 50 or more can request free direct delivery any location within 250 miles of our warehouse facility in Trenton, NJ and/or any of the locations listed below. Because of the high volume, we are able to offer free direct delivery using one of our local-delivery vehicles driven by a National Tuxedo Rentals staff member. It is important to note we will only make such deliveries to a single location. If you need items shipped separately to each person, you must pay for FedEx delivery (we will still provide free return-shipping via a pre-paid shipping label.

  • New York City / New York
  • Philadelphia / Eastern PA
  • Washington, DC
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusettes
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia

Types of Organizations and Events We Have Serviced

Theatrical & Musical Productions

Theatrical & Musical Production Group Tuxedo Rental

Performers, stage crew, and other production staff for theatrical and musical events have used our services to great effect. Everyone can submit their own sizes or measurements, while you select their formal wear styles and submit payment (or everyone can pay for themselves, if needed.) We’ve serviced orchestras, big bands and chorus/choir performers, stage actors, stage / house crew and more.

New – No Extended Rental Fees for Theatrical/Musical Productions! Send us an email with your production details and usage dates, and we will waive all extended rental fees for your group.

Corporate / Company Events

Tuxedos for Company Events & Organization Gatherings

We have serviced formal corporate events such as company awards ceremonies, presentations, recreational formal events and more! Our corporate group tuxedo rental clients have found our professional service and expertise in simplifying/automating processes to be exceptionally convenient. Our valued corporate clients love us and tend to return year after year for such annual events and celebrations. (We love you too!)

Television & Film Productions

TV / Film Costume Formal Wear Group Rental

Yep, we’ve been on the small screen and the big screen. As a policy, we don’t talk about the productions we’ve serviced. This is due to the sensitive, private nature of ongoing, unnanounced productions. We don’t ask what you’re working on, who you’re working with, and sidestep the starstruck nonsense. We make getting the tuxes you need convenient, providing the best possible value we can offer. Our clients in these industries appreciate these simple courtesies that make us fantastic choices time and again. Costume departments, give us a call!

Casino & Gaming Industries

Casino & Gaming Group Tuxedo Rental

We’ve rented and sold large quantities of tuxes to casinos in Vegas and other locations across the US. Need complete tuxes, certain items for floor staff or a special event? We’ve got you covered. We’ve done many special celebrations to provide items for staff uniforms.

Other Events / Catering Industry / Country Clubs

Crew, Caterers, Event Staff, Country Clubs and Lodges have used our VIP service to dress staff or club members for special events.


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