Can I order a tuxedo without a jacket?

The ‘coatless’ tuxedo is a growing trend, and not just because it’s cheap! The coatless tux is up-and-coming due to a minimalist movement in the fashion world. A lot of people feel you don’t need the coat to look great. Here’s what a coatless tux consists of, and at what price we offer them:

  • Tuxedo Pants ($25)
  • Tuxedo Shirt ($15)
  • Bow Tie or Long Tie ($5)
  • Studs and Cufflinks ($1.50)

That brings you to a total of $46.50. You can also add shoes, a vest or cummerbund – though it will raise the cost a bit.

Shop through the “Browse” tab at the top of the site to create your one of a kind coatless tuxedo look.