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Can my wedding party's items be shipped to my location?

Absolutely! There are a couple of scenarios and different solutions and approaches for each, please read the headings below and read the content that best relates to your situation:

If You’re Using the Wedding Tuxedo Manager:

When paying for everyone: If you specified that you would be paying for everyone’s tuxes when registering your wedding account, then we make it really easy to ship items to your location. When you begin the checkout process for your wedding party, we give you the option to either ship to a single location, or everyone’s tuxes to their provided addresses. Just choose the ‘single location’ option and enter your desired shipping address to have all tuxes arrive in one place, best of all – choosing the single-desitination options for all tuxes results in lower shipping costs!

When everyone pays for themselves: Simply communicate with your wedding party and let them know to specify the address of your choice (i.e. your address) as the shipping address. Our fulfillment team will ship the items to any address you specify.

If You’ve Shared a Tux Via The Tuxedo Builder:

If you’re going to share a tux via the tuxedo builder’s share-your-tux feature, just specify in the custom message field that everyone should use your address as the shipping address when they place their order (be sure to include the actual address so everyone has it handy!)

If you’ve already shared the tuxes, just reach out to your wedding party and let everyone know that you would like them to have their tuxes shipped to you.

For All Other Circumstances:

The checkout process for our store always allows for customers to specify a custom shipping address. So whether you’re ordering everyone’s tuxes yourself, or if they’ll be logging on and ordering for themselves, you can just specify or inform your party to specify a particular shipping address to have their items delivered to.




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