How can my group/wedding members access my dashboard to enter sizes, order, and pay?

Your group members do not need to login to do their part for the group manager. Your group will be interacting with our website only once (or twice, if they’re ordering for themselves).

Entering Sizes

When you add a person to your group, they are immediately emailed a request for their tuxedo sizes or measurements – which includes a link to a sizing/measurement form. If someone is unsure of their sizes, there are easy instructions for obtaining their tuxedo/suit measurements on the form.

If a group member cannot locate their size-request email/link: login to your group dashboard and click the “Request Sizes” link under their name in the ‘My Group’ section. If they still do not receive the email, check that you have their correct email address by clicking the ‘edit person’ link below their name on your dashboard – that will take you to the member details screen and you can check or update the email address on file as needed and re-send the size request link.

Once a party member enters their sizes, their sizes entered status will be updated from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’, at this point, you can send the person ordering instructions or add the item to your cart to checkout on your own.

Placing Orders / Payment

If you are paying for your entire group:  your group members only have to enter their sizes and their part will be done. You can checkout once all members have entered their sizes by checking the boxes next to everyone’s name, then choosing the ‘Add To Cart’ option from the bulk actions drop list, then click ‘Apply’

If your group is paying for themselves: you will be able to dispatch ordering instructions from your group dashboard once that person has entered their requested sizes or measurements. When you send ordering instructions, the party member is given a link that simply takes them to the shopping cart page with their assigned tuxedo style and submitted sizes/measurements. Then, they simply click the blue ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button and checkout like any other online store.

If you’re paying for some tuxes while others pay for their own: You can just follow the instructions for both scenarios above, selectively sending ordering instructions to those who should pay for themselves, while adding-to-cart the other tuxedos you wish to pay for.