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How much does it cost to purchase an item as opposed to renting?

Through the browse section of the website you have the option of “Renting This Item’ or “Buying This Rental Item”.

You will see the comparison of our discounted rental and discounted purchase price to help you make the choice that fits your needs best.

You also always have the option of buying your tuxedo after you have rented it from us if you like.

Purchasing after Renting

If you like your rental items enough to keep them forever, contact us with your Name, Order Number, and let us know which items you want to keep (or you can also say ‘all of them’, if that’s the case.)

We’ll send you a quote for the difference of your rental and the purchase price of your item(s), and should you accept, you will be able to pay for your items via a secure online payment form on our website.

If you choose not to purchase the items, you can simply send them back using the pre-paid return label and the box they came in and you will not be charge any additional fees.

We provide the purchase price quote service as a convenience. So there’s no harm in requesting a quote to purchase your rental items! It’s free!




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