How Do I Pay For Tuxedos On My Group Dashboard?

If you have a group tuxedo manager account and are not sure how to proceed with paying for your tuxedos – this article will get you sorted out in no-time.

IMPORTANT: Before You Can Checkout…

Before you can checkout with any person’s tuxedo in the group dashboard, two things must be true for this person:

  1. This person has entered their sizes (or you entered for them)
  2. This person has been assigned a tuxedo (it cannot say ‘None’)

Once the above two facts are true for any single person or more, they can be considered “Ready-to-Order”


Check Out With a Single Tuxedo:

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ link for that person, it should be near their name on your dashboard.


Check Out with Multiple Tuxedos:

Next to each person’s name there will be a checkbox, check the box for anyone who you wish to order for (remember they must be ready-to-order)

After you have everyone checked off who you wish to add to your cart, select the ‘Add to Cart’ option from the Bulk Actions drop list.

Then, click apply and wait as the system builds your tuxes and adds them to your cart. You will be redirected once it has finished.

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