Can I Substitute A Self-Tied Neckwear Option In The Tuxedo Builder?

UPDATE: We are happy to announce that it is now possible to upgrade to a self-tie neckwear option in the tuxedo builder. Simply choose a long tie or skinny tie neckwear option and look for the checkbox to upgrade to a self-tie option on the neckwear confirmation screen. (Note: do not choose the quick-match neckwear option as you will not be able to specify a self-tie option when using the quick-match feature.)

Unfortunately, we do not currently allow for upgrading to a self-tie option the tuxedo builder.

It is still not possible to upgrade to a self-tie bow tie in the tuxedo builder.

However, you are free to navigate our neckwear section of the website to find additional neckwear options that you can order alongside your complete tuxedo package from the tuxedo builder.