How long can I keep my tuxedo rental for? Are cruises or international travel okay?

Your tuxedo rental begins when it arrives 10-14 days before your event. You can keep your tuxedo for up to 3 days afer your event date.

That means a typical tuxedo rental can last between 13-17 days. That’s much longer than any store will let you keep their tuxedo!

Example: If your event is on a Sunday, we request it be back in FedEx’s hands by Wednesday.

You can also purchase a tuxedo rental extension for extended rentals – you’ll get the first 14 additional days for $25, and each additional week after that is another $25.

However, some circumstances may make a next-day return impossible – for instance, if you’re travelling internationally or you are exhausted from having such a good time on the weekend. In these cases, it is completely fine to send back your tuxedo a few days late.

We do ask that you notify us if you plan to keep your tuxedo for more than 5 days after your event.  We can accomodate any situation, just ask!  Also, no charge for extended cruise rentals!

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