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What do I do when my tuxedo arrives?

When your tuxedo arrives (10-14 days before your event), try on all of your items to make sure everything fits how you want it to. If you want to make any changes to your rental, whether its sizing or style changes, please fill out the online replacement form and we’ll send you new items right away.

Sizing replacements are FREE, if requested within 48 hours of delivery.

Style changes are subject to a $15 processing and shipping fee.

Tuxedo Try-On Tips

STEP 1. THE SHIRT. If you are wearing a bow tie you will want to insert the studs through the buttonhole in your formal wear shirt so they substitute as buttons. If you are accessorizing your tuxedo with a long tie, you can forget the studs. Your formal wear shirt is also designed to accommodate formal wear cufflinks. First, hold the open edges of the shirt cuff together so the two sides of the shirt cuff lay flat away from the wrist. Next, line up the shirt holes when your arm is at your side, the decorative part of the cufflink should be facing outward.

STEP 2. THE PANTS. Adjust the clasps on either side of your trousers at the waste until the fit is comfortable when your shirt is tucked in and pants are zippered.

STEP 3. THE ACCESSORIES: NECKWEAR and VEST or CUMMERBUND.  Once you get to the accessories, we suggest starting with neckwear.  Once the clasp is fastened it is easy to either tighten or loosen until comfortable by accessing the easy-to-use adjustment features. If you are wearing a vest, we suggest taking advantage of the subtle adjustable features on the inside or outside of the garment to fine tune your fit. If a cummerbund was chosen, it should be worn with the pleats facing upward with half the cummerbund covering the shirt at the waist and the other half covering the trousers.

STEP 4. THE COAT. Apply the final touch, your tuxedo coat.  You must be looking really good right now!  When buttoning your tuxedo, which you may when walking into the room, or posing for photos, leave the last button unbuttoned if wearing a jacket with two or more buttons.




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