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What measurements are required in order to rent online?

These are very simple measurements to help us ensure a perfect tuxedo fit for you!

  1. Height – Most of us know are height, or think we know our height.  Just to make sure, lets check. Take your shoes off, stand straight and look forward with your back against a wall. Have your friend place the measuring tape against the wall, behind the back of your head, level with the top of your head. Let the measuring tape roll straight down to the floor. The resulting measurement will be your height.
  2. Weight – Your weight in combination with your height is a great benchmark for us to determine if your given sizes are accurate. Please be honest, we dont judge here – we just want you to have a great fitting tux. We understand that not everyone owns a scale, so your most recent weight – as long as you havent changed in weight too much – should be just fine. If your size has changed significantly, try to estimate reasonably. If you do have a scale, your current exact weight is even better.
  3. Neck Size – Have a friend wrap the measuring tape around the middle of your neck, where a shirt collar would lay. Do not pull tightly, you want your shirt collar to have a slightly relaxed fit for optimal comfort – you don’t want to feel like your collar is choking you!
  4. Sleeve Length – Have a friend place the measuring tape at the nape (center of the back of your neck, shoulder height) and guide it out towards/over your shoulder and down the outer edge of your arm, stopping just past wrist-bone. The resulting measurement will be your sleeve length.
  5. Chest Size – Raise your arms outwards, and have a friend wrap a measuring tape around you, placing it under your armpits – before taking your final measurement, lower your arms and have your friend make sure the measuring tape is across the widest part of your chest. Now you will have your chest measurement.
  6. Waist Size – While not wearing a belt, have a friend measure around your waist pulling the tape measure tight, where your comfortable having your pants normally sit. This measurement will be your pant waist size.
  7. Pant Inseam – Most people already know this measurement from when they buy pants.  If not, have a friend measure from your pant-crotch, down the inside of your leg, stopping at where your pants end. This is your pant inseam measurement.
  8. Pant Outseam – Have your friend measure starting from 1″ below the top of your hip bone (for reference, this is usually about 2″ down from the belly button). Run the tape down the outside of your leg, letting the tape measure touch the floor. Deduct 1.5″ from the floor mark, and this is your outseam measurement.

Additional Information

Visit our sizing and measurements guide for additional helpful information regarding tuxedos sizing.




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