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Your tuxedo jacket seems to be the most important part of choosing your formal outfit. Be sure to use our build a tux feature after finding your jacket style, by clicking the Get in a Package button. There are over 100 jacket styles available at National Tuxedo Rentals. For that reason, we organized our coats by different criteria:

Tuxedo Jackets Sorted by Color

A classic black tuxedo.


Black tuxedos work for pretty much any formal occasion, including weddings, prom, black tie and more. Black tuxes were by far always the most popular. The formal industry has been saying Grey has been becoming the new black for weddings this year.

White tux jacket photo


White Tuxedo Jackets are being worn with contrasting black pants more often now. White matching formal trousers are available in Pleat or Flat Front., though flat front seems to be the trend right now. White is always a great choices for Destination Weddings also.

Photo of an ivory tuxedo coat


Ivory coats are usually acceptable for any situation that a white jacket would be appropriate for, though you should also use your own judgement. Ivory tux coat goes great with contrasting black, or contrasting chocolate formal pants also!

A grey tux


Grey is a really popular trend right now for tuxedos, and they can be worn to just about any event a black tuxedo would be acceptable for, unless you are required to match other guests, like in a wedding party. Proms, Weddings, and almost any other formal events are a great opportunity to wear a grey tuxedo. Grey is the new Black!

A brown tux


Brown tux jackets are a great, classy way to stand out. Not every event is appropriate for brown, but there's an opportunity for everyone: prom is great, and the formal requirements are pretty flexible - weddings too, if you're calling the shots (hat-tip, bride and groom!). As always, if you're not sure, check with your host when considering alternative colors.

Tan color formal coat


Tan jackets work well for destination weddings in the summer, and serve well not to absorb heat under direct sunlight - perfect for beach weddings and outdoor venues for your event. Tan can also look good in the fall, if you match your accessories accordingly.

A red colored tuxedo.


Red tuxes are great for making a bold statement at prom, or for another formal occasion with very generous dress code - and it looks cool when the time is right. Probably not what you'd want for a wedding, unless you're going for a theme - in which case, it's a fantastically red option!

A lavender-colored jacket.


When your event has a flexible dress code, lavender is a great option for matching with a prom dress. Colored tuxes are also great for costumes an our prices make them an affordable option for productions of any sort.

A yellow/maize tux jacket.


When your very particular sense of style calls for a maize tuxedo jacket, we 100% have you covered. You'll want to check with the event director or consult your invitation regarding dress code.

A light-bue formal coat.

Light Blue

Our selection of light blue formal coats are great for costumes. Particularly good for emulating one half of a certain stubborn comedy movie duo - sorry though, we don't have orange.

A mint-green tuxedo.


Our mint green tux jackets are perfect for prom and costume occasions. Great for matching a prom dress color.

Tuxedo coat in Navy


Navy jackets pretty much fall under all of the same rules that apply to brown: proms: yes, weddings: yes if you're the bride and groom making the decision, if not - ask your host. Everything else, ask your host / check the dress code. If it's a go, then navy is an excellent choice.

Coats by Lapel Style

Lapels are the parts of your tuxedo jacket that fold outward from the front opening, attached to the collar. For tuxes, the lapels are always covered in satin that gives them a shiny look. You'll be most familliar with notch lapels, as they're found on most modern suit jackets - just without the satin.

close-up of a notch lapel

Notch Lapels

These lapels are the most popular choice on today's tuxedo jackets. This wasn't always the case, as most tuxes used to have either peak or shawl lapels. But due to changes in time, more people wearing notch-lapel suits to work, notch lapels naturally found their way onto tuxes - and they're appropriate for any occasion.

close-up of a peak lapel

Peak Lapels

Peak lapels are also very common, they've been around longer notch-style lapels, and still hold up today as a perfectly acceptable choice in your decision. To some, peak lapels look more formal than notch lapels, but when you get right down to it, it's entirely a personal preference, unless your dress code specifies otherwise.

close-up of a shawl lapel

Shawl Lapels

Shawl lapels are the original lapel style. When tuxes were just gaining ground in formal event circles (a long time ago), you would only find shawl lapels. Today, shawl lapels are not quite as popular - younger generations haven't see them anywhere else but on a tux - but do not mistake popularity for a benchmark for how appropriate shawl lapels are. Shawl lapels are perfectly appropriate for most formal occasions, and are respected as a formalwear option. If you like how shawl lapels look, they are absolutely worth giving a try.

close-up of a mandarin lapel

Mandarin Lapels

Our mandarin lapel/collar jackets are a bold alternative to traditional styles. Also, for those whom have a cultural requisite for the mandarin style collar will be pleased with our selection. Ultimately, this style is not extremely popular with current trends, but it is acceptible for less formal occasions.

Tux Jackets: Sorted By Occasion

You can browse our coats by various occasions for which they would be suitible for. When you're uncertain of what to choose for a particular dress code: check here for the styles that will best suit your needs for a specific type of affair.

Photo of a wedding tuxedo

For Weddings

View our curated selection wedding tuxedos.

Prom tuxedo example

For Prom

View all jackets that most would find acceptable for a prom affair.

A black tie tux jacket

For Black-Tie

View our black-tie-appropriate tuxes for certified-classy jacket styles.

Well-dressed boy and girl at quinceanera.

For Quinceaneras

The tuxes found here will look fantastic on a group for an upcoming quinceanera!

Photo of a clean cruise jacket.

For Cruises

Cruise rental tuxes are usually expensive, but these cruise-friendly styles are always priced low.

Jackets: Sorted By Pattern


A Solid Color

Solid Patterned Jackets

For most occasions, you'll want to go solid - and we have a huge selection of solid-colors to suit your needs.

A striped-styled print

Striped Patterned Jackets

Striped tuxedos are not too common, but we have them if you'd like to be extra-showy at your next formal event.

Example of 'other' style print.

Other Patterned Jackets

See our selection of patterned tuxedos that may pique your unique style interests.

Jackets: Sorted By Button Count


Jackets: Sorted By Model

Tuxedos come in various models, which refers to the general look and shape of the tuxedo jacket. Generally, this breaks down in to three categories, as we have listed below:

Single Breasted

Single breasted jackets are by far the most popular and common model of formal coats. They feature a single row of buttons that fasten near the center; with the left breast flap only slightly overlapping the right. Acceptable for most any occasion today, single breasted jackets come mostly available in 1 or 2 button styles, though there are some higher button-count styles available too.

Double Breasted

Double-breasted jackets are more of a classic style, while less popular today it can be worn to more-formal events. Double-breasted jackets feature two rows of buttons that fasten over the right side/through the left, with the left jacket flap deeply overlapping the right. The buttons on the left-breast flap are usually just for show and do not actually fasten anything.


Tailcoats are typically double-breasted in nature but their unique high-cut front and long-cut tails give such a unique look that it's worth addressing them as their own unique category. Mostly accepted for black-tie when you want to go ultra-formal or ultra-classical.

Jackets: Sorted By Fit

We carry jackets in various cutting-styles that change the fit and augment the overall appearance between two tuxedos otherwise of the same style.

Classic Fit

These jackets are cut in the traditional/classic style. They are comfortable and overall more of a relaxed fit than the other following tuxedo fits.

Modern Fit

Modern fit jackets take on a more slender appearance without being too tight overall. They are slightly more narrow in the waist area and offer a more modern appearance as the name would suggest.

Slim Fit

Slim-Fit jackets feature slimmer cut waist areas and sleeve areas to provide a more slim appearance throughout, also this styling is more modern and trendy at this time.

Jackets: Sorted By Designer

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