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Super Easy-to-Order Tuxedo Rental

Super easy to order tuxedo rental. Tux arrived on the day promised ( 7 days before event) and was extremely easy to ship back. Highly recommend!
Pepita C. Formal Event
United States

Regarding My Tux Rental Experience:

Darnell G. Wedding
Bronx, NY

As usual, my experience went very well!

As usual, my experience with National Tuxedo Rentals went very well and I had no problems.
Bradley P. Formal Event
Tully, NY

You Have A Customer For Life

My wife and I were invited to a Black Tie event on New Year’s Eve that “recommended” a tuxedo.  Based on my past experiences with renting a tuxedo, I tried to alibi my way into wearing a suit, but my wife wasn’t going for it. Your service is GREAT!  The website was fantastic and easy to navigate.  The ordering process is efficient and straightforward even though the choices were numerous.  The fitting tips were great.  The prices were a bargain.  The high quality, fully cleaned and pressed   tux showed up as expected it fit and looked great. You simplified my life and you have a customer for life.  I recommended your company to all of the New Year’s Eve attendees. Great job!
Danny Z. Black Tie Event
Oakwood, GA

Thank You, National Tuxedo Rentals!

I am impressed by the quick response and professionalism experienced by this company.  When I was first approached to using an out-of-town company, I was very skeptical and did not think it would work.  The wedding happened without any issues.  The tuxedos looked great and looked as if each were individually and professionally tailored for the groom and groomsman.  I would recommend this company to anyone needing formal attire.  Thank you national tuxedo rentals for a job well done!
Michael H. Wedding
Lynn Haven, FL

I will definitely be using your service again!

I was extremely pleased by the service I received.  I received the tuxedo on time, as ordered, I have an odd body type and the jacket didn't fit well.  I contacted you and you custom tapered a jacket that fit extremely well and rushed it to me.  I will definitely be using your service again!
Peter J. Wedding
Amherst, MA

Great Experience

We were very pleased with the services of National Tuxedo Rentals.  Parts of my son's tux did not fit and ya'll were wonderful.  Sent out replacements in plenty of time.  Thanks again for a job well done.
The Nelsons Wedding

OMG!!!!, Everything was Five Stars Hands Down…

 OMG!!!!, I couldn't have of had a better online tux rental experience ever. My husband and son were very please with the tux and the very amazing turn around time on the exchanges that they needed for my brother's wedding. I am so glad I goggle Cheap Tux rentals online and found this Phenomenal Company. Everything was Five Stars Hands Down, Will be doing business again as well as telling everyone :-) Thank you all for Everything, You have GAIN a Customer Mrs.Jacque' -  7/22/16
Mrs.Jacque Wedding
Dallas, GA

I would use the amazing service again without hesitation.

Have to tell you I was skeptical at first but it turned out to be an amazing experience.
Got a ton of compliments, and when I told them where I got it the information went around the room like wild fire.
I ordered the incorrect size jacket, didn't open it until I got home 2 days before the Wedding, called National Tuxedo, and in 5 minutes a gentleman named Mike told me no problem, they overnighted me the correct size, I got it the day before the Wedding, and all was perfect.
I would use the amazing service again without hesitation,
Thank you so much.
Michael C. - 7/23/16
Michael C, Formal Event
South Weymouth, MA

Thank you so much for fulfilling your guarantee!

I would totally recommend this service to anyone. We ordered the wrong color accidentally & they shipped us the correct one overnight. Just in time for our wedding! We all looked fantastic & with children in Tuxedos this isn't easy. fb_img_1468894708227 Melody S. - 7/16/16
Melody S. Wedding
Page, Arizona

The guys looked fantastic in their tuxes…

I loved the fact that I could keep sending requests for measurements to the guys. Guys were slow and I did not have to keep nagging them...you did! LOL
The guys looked fantastic in their tuxes. I appreciate all the help with the late orders. I would recommend using National Tuxedo rentals for any formal event!
Robin V. - 7/2/16
Robin V. Wedding
Romeoville, IL

As a seamstress I had doubts BUT…

As a seamstress I had doubts BUT the 9 tuxedos for this wedding were a better fit than we have received from local tuxedo rentals.  I will make it a point to recommend your company. I fell on your website on accident Sure glad I did. Elva C. - 7/2/16  
Elva C. Wedding
Wellsville, NY

There is no more responsive customer service department anywhere in the nation…

My experience with NTR has been excellent, there is no more responsive customer service department anywhere in the nation. The care they give to your event and the attention to the coordination of your garments couldn't have been better if it were their own wedding, and the cost of their tux and services leaves me nowhere else to go the next time I need formal wear. Larry M. - 7/30/16
Larry M. Wedding
Chicago, IL

Fantastic job, excellent delivery time, …

Fantastic job, excellent delivery time, beautifully organized components, perfect fit, extremely happy customer Donald P. - 6/4/16
Donald P. Wedding
Gwynn Oak, MD

You are so awesome!!

You are so awesome!! I can't tell you how much I tell everyone about your company and how great you are! Heather W. - 6/11/16heathter2heather1
Heather W. Prom
Wells Bridge, NY

Several tuxedo shops where prices were outrageous…

Thank you so much for everything! After going to several tuxedo shops where prices were outrageous and my husband couldn't find what he was looking for and it didn't fit how he wanted. After online researching i found you and it only took 5 minutes to find the perfect tuxedo that included everything we wanted and the best part was it was half the price!! When the tuxedo's arrived it was a perfect fit. More than satisfied with the service's you provide and return shipping was so easy also. Will definitely recommend you to our friends and family and will continue to use you for all of our future needs! Thank you Leah Japic - 6/18/16
Leah J. Wedding
Baden, PA

Thank you for the great service!

The tuxedo rental process was very quick and easy. The tuxedo arrived exactly when it was supposed to, everything was in excellent condition and fit perfect. The return process was even easier! Thank you for the great service! Pam B. - 6/3/16
Pam B. Prom
Suffolk, VA

Well, once again we weren’t disappointed with the tuxedo rental…

Well,  once again we weren't disappointed with the tuxedo rental.   It was so nice and easy to have sizes saved.   The only difficult part,  trying to decide the combination to order.   Stripe tie with patterned vest or gray jacket with black pants.. So many choices!   So much fun.   Thank you for making the dance even more memorable and fun!

A very pleased and happy mother. Erika A. - 5/28/16 Brigham City,  UT

Ericka A Prom
Brigham City, UT

You are a great business!

Questions I had were answered over the phone clearly and the process of ordering, receiving and shipping the tux for prom back was awesome.  What a great way to go and for less than half what  you would pay for a local tux rental.  Plus, my son was able to get the red tux jacket (hard to find!).  You are a great business! Lauren D. - 5/14/16
Lauren D. Prom
Attica, MI

I thought it was too good to be true…

When I heard about your tuxedo rental, I thought it was too good to be true.  But it wasn't!  You did exactly what you said you would, and everything worked very smoothly!  Next time I'll know to order about a month ahead to make sure I don't have to pay the extra for shipping, but otherwise, it was a very perfect experience!
Shelli D. - 5/6/2016
Shelli D. Prom
Lafayette, Colorado

My review is 5 stars plus!

My review is 5 stars plus!
   Ease of ordering 5+
   Great selection 5+
    Prices 5++
   my son waited until late to decide to go to prom, ordered with 2 day express and received early with enough time to make sure everything fit 5+
   Quality 5+
    Ease of returning 5+
I was so pleased with everything else that I didn't make a big deal of it...
We will DEFINITELY be back for senior prom next year and for any tux needs in the future!!
Thank You so very much!! - 4/30/16
Susie L. Prom
Paris, KY

You saved me $100 dollars…

I just wanted to thank you. My daughter's boyfriend was away at college for her senior prom. Money was tight, but she had some unfortunate events happen recently that we just wanted her to enjoy her prom. We found flights to get him home without missing classes; ordered flowers, tickets, hair, make-up, etc. Our problem was the tux, and we were running out of time. We went a big chain rental store (25 miles away from our home), and despite having his measurements, they wouldn't take our order. They wanted him to go to their store (40 miles away from his school) get measured, put down a deposit and that store would send them the info. I took the information and asked them how much the rental would be: with their savings, discounts, etc. it would be about $220! We left and I went online. I found you, put in his measurements, placed the order on Monday, May 2, it arrived Monday, May 9, he came home and tried it on May 13 and the prom was May 14! It fit, they looked great and had a fantastic evening! He went back to school May 15, she cried and I put the prepaid return label on the box and dropped it off at FedEx yesterday! In the end, with shoes, socks, pocket square and shipping (both ways) included, you saved me $100 dollars! My only complaint was the pocket square didn't match, but I had debated between two colors, so maybe I pressed something wrong, so he didn't have a pocket square, but they had a great time ! Thank you! Brenda E. - 5/14/16
Brenda E. Prom
Buzzards Bay, MA

They give you everything you need…

The selection was terrific. My son liked his tux and it fit great. The color match was perfect. Returning the suit was very easy. They give you everything you need. Even a return checklist. I would use this route again!! Sent from Brandi Roberts. 1st time customer - 5/13/16
Brandi R Prom
Richmond Heights, OH

Awesome! The price was unbeatable…

Awesome!  The price was unbeatable.  The tutorial on taking measurements was so easy to follow. His tuxedo fit perfect.  The color and style options surpassed the local stores. The tuxedo arrived several days in advance.  Worked out very well since we were out of town the day before when most places would have wanted us to pick up.  We will definitely do again and I'm telling the other prom mom's about this great option. Suzanne D. - 4/30/16
Suzanne D. Prom
Little Hocking, OH

Okay, I know what you are thinking…

Okay, I know what you are thinking, tuxedos through the mail?  We were very skeptical but everything arrived on time, fit great and looked fantastic.  We had a wedding party with seven tuxes and they all looked great.  The ordering, measuring, and dashboard management were very easy to do and we can highly recommend NTR for your tuxedo needs.
Tom F, Marietta GA - 5/14/16
Tom F. Wedding
Marietta, GA

I think you used magic to get it to me

Good morning,  I received the email asking about your service today.  I never fill these things out but in this case, I am taking the time because the service I received from your company was fantastic.  From the online support to the easy packaging and return system, I am 100% satisfied.  You even sent two shirts to make sure we weren’t without the perfect tuxedo for our event.  I live in an isolated area, on an island, to be specific.  I ordered late on a Sunday afternoon and the box was waiting for me when I got home from work on Tuesday.  I think you used magic to get it to me. Thank you so much for all your hard work and your dedication to service! Tracy from the Florida Keys - 5/14/2016
Tracy McDonald Prom
Marathon, Florida

Thank you for existing!

Thank you so much. You guys are great!
 By the way, my son looks SHARP! He will be the talk of the Prom because this tux looks tailored to his body & he looks soooo good in it. Thank you for existing!
Kim H. - 5/27/16
Kim H. Prom
Baltimore, MD

National Tuxedo Rentals is the place to get a tuxedo …

Both Tuxes were rented from your site, they fit amazingly and we looked great. img_3510, they had amazing customer service when I needed something switched out. Absolutely loved the navy blue Fitzgerald. Eric R. - 5/21/16
Eric R. Wedding
Wylie, TX

No hassles, no problems.Would recommend your company to all…

You did great!  All the tuxes arrived in plenty of time. My son's was a little small and so you sent a new one right away. Husband's sleeves were a little long and you let me take it here in town to have fixed, then credited my account for the alterations.  Son left extra coat at hotel, you let me scan the return label and have it sent back from there. No hassles, no problems.Would recommend your company to all. One thing, however, you should give the groom his tuxedo for free.  Especially when there are 7 others renting! Lisa T. - 5/14/2016
Lisa T. Wedding
North Canton, Ohio

You guys ROCK! Everything you promised was true, even better than promised!

You guys ROCK!  Everything you promised was true, even better than promised! I am blown away by how I didn’t have to worry about picking up my tux and whether or not there would be any issues.  The tux arrived in beautiful condition well before the event.  Packaging was so perfect and easy to return. The price was below anything in our area, plus, I didn’t have to make all of those trips to be measured, pick it up, and return it.  I will never use another source!  I’ve started telling all of my friends.  Feel free to do the same.
Thank you for being you! Don’t ever change.
Michael Morgan - 5/21/16
Michael Morgan Prom
Poolesville, Maryland

Your company is very impressive! Excellent service and quality!

Your company is very impressive! Excellent service and quality! My son looked amazing in the tuxedo. You really out did yourselves with the exact measurements. A++++ Thank you! Laura Sikorski - 5/12/2016
Laura S. Prom
Hampton Bays, NY

My daughter’s wedding this year was all so wonderful…

The tuxedos that we used for my son's prom was wonderful also the tuxedos that we had for my daughter's wedding this year was all so wonderful we will use you always I recommend you highly to everybody that I talk to. Greg W. - 4/29/2016
Greg W. Wedding
Benbrook, TX

Your company makes this process SO EASY and affordable!

Dear National Tuxedo Rentals, Thank you so much for sending a FULL vest on our rental.  We didn’t do the upgrade because I had to purchase a hot coral vest and bow tie (to match his date, of course) for my son’s prom from another company.  The vest you sent fit better, was a much higher quality and had the full back, so he went with your black vest and the hot coral bow tie.  He looked sharp!  Your company makes this process SO EASY and affordable!  It’s the only way to go. Love the ability to choose the level of money you want to spend, but even the cheaper suits are beautiful and high quality.  Oh, and your online chat to ask a question was excellent and correct for shipping time - arrived earlier than expected.
Best Regards,
Karen R. - 4/23/16 13063061_231194970573117_859504727100994309_o
Karen R. Prom
Gloucester, Virginia

Looked incredible on my son…

Service was great and quick. Follow up in size was unexpected and awesome--they called to make sure the pant size was correct and fixed it.  Looked incredible on my son.  Thank you Brenda P - 4/30/2016
Brenda P Prom
Fort Walton Beach, FL

I can’t say enough about this company. Will use this again THANK YOU!!

Thank you so much! Everything came in early enough to try on and exchange if needed,(which we did have too on a couple items) which was not a problem. Customer service was very kind and helpful ,everything was sent to us in 2 days still leaving plenty enough time to drive out of state for the wedding. Everything came nice and pressed.when all is done they even send return label,just put in the box they came in.WONDERFUL! It took a lot of stress off knowing I had 3 business days after the wedding day to send out.  I can't say enough about this company.  Will use this again THANK YOU!! Sandra U. - 4/30/2016  
Sandra U. Wedding
Elwood, Indiana

I wanted to write and share my experience …

Hello~ I wanted to write and share my experience that I would love for you to post on your page. I was looking on the internet for a tuxedo rental for my son's Junior Prom. I happened to stumble upon your sight and am so thrilled I did! I placed the order and the next day I received a call from Al Cardi to review my order. My son is in a wheelchair so the measurements were slightly tricky. Al was absolutely tremendous! I honestly cannot say enough about his customer service and professionalism! Because the sizing was a little complicated, Al sent me a couple shirts along with a couple jackets to ensure that I received the proper fit! He then went one step further to offer me to send him a picture of my son in the tuxedo to be sure that it was perfect for the event! I received everything 10 days prior to the prom and the shipping was overnight. My overall experience from start to finish exceeded my expectations. Many thanks to Al for making this entire experience for me and my son beyond perfect!! We'll definitely be back again next year for senior prom! Lisa Flynn - 4/30/2016 Sent from my iPhone
Lisa Flynn Prom
Weathersfield, CT

Superior customer service. And you cant beat the price!

Fantastic selection.  Extremely prompt delivery, especially in a time crunch. Superior customer service.  And you cant beat the price!  Will definitely use National Tuxedo Rentals again and will recommend them to all my friends. Salena T.  - 4/14/16
Salena T. Prom
Beavercreek, OH

Thanks so much for everything!!

Hi Al... Thank you so much for all your help with the prom. Ben looked so well in his tux. Thanks so much for everything!! Sincerely, Julie M. - 5/7/2016img_3274
Julie M. Prom
Hershey, PA

Everything fit my son just perfectly!

Everything fit my son just perfectly! It made his first prom attendance a great success!! And super reasonable on prices! Easy to send back as well! Beth W. - 4/30/16 Sent from my iPhone
Beth W. Prom
Sarasota, FL

We went to a name brand men’s clothing store last year and spent more than $250 …

I wanted to let you know that our first experience with National Tuxedo Rentals was fantastic. My son is a senior and needed a tux for prom. We are on a tight budget and couldn't imagine spending more than $200 on a tuxedo, which is cheap if you're going to your local rental store. We went to a name brand men's clothing store last year and spent more than $250. We heard about renting tuxedo's online and did a search. Their were other options, but National Tuxedo Rentals was very user friendly. After navigating through the site, we had everything we needed, and it was less than half of what we paid last year. All yeah, we ordered it a week before prom. It arrived in a few days with everything we ordered and it fit perfect and looked great. The return shipping couldn't have been easier. I only wish we new about you last year. We are telling everyone we know about our wonderful experience and will definitely use your services, again. Feel free to use this as a testimonial and thank you, again.
Steve Sabo - 4/30/2016
Steve Sabo Prom
Novi, Michigan

I couldn’t have asked for a better tux, fit or accessories …

Hello, thank you again for the wonder customers service. The Tux is on its way back. I couldn't have asked for a better tux, fit or accessories.....great Customer service as well. 5 stars plus! Thank you again. Will deff recommend your company and will use again  in the future. Melinda - 5/7/16
Melinda K Prom
Leavenworth, Kansas

Wow. I really didn’t know what to expect with an online order company …

Wow.  I really didn't know what to expect with an online order company.  Top of the line for sure. My 2 boys, one in black and one in ivory, looked very slick, snazzy and stylish.  Many compliments from their friends. Great to receive them in good shape and easy to return them. Will definitely use your company again and I've told other friends about you. Pleased, Mrs Bishop - 5/7/2016
Mrs. Bishop Prom
Stephenville, TX

I saved about $80.00 …

Wow! My son doesn't even own a suit, and he was not thrilled about the idea of wearing a tux for prom. When I told him we were ordering it online, he had doubts. Honestly, so did I! His date was able to pick out exactly what she wanted, and I saved about $80! We used the suggested size based on his height and weight. When the tux arrived the Monday before prom, we were pleasantly surprised to find that everything fit perfectly, and it looked amazing!!! Prom went off without a hitch. The return process couldn't have been easier. I've shared with all my teacher friends how awesome it was, and I know exactly what website to visit the next time we need to rent a tux! Thanks for your great service and products at reasonable rates! 😃 Feel free to share on your webpage. Kelly Smith - 5/7/2016
Kelly Smith Prom
Portland, Tennessee

National Tuxedo Rentals you Rock!! …

Al & National Tuxedo Rentals:
You guys are awesome.   Andrew was the hit of the prom wearing the best looking tux at the event.   Plus,  no one else had on the same tux.
We are repeat customers and will always use National Tuxedo Rentals.   The advantages are huge;  no driving to the store and dealing with folks that really don't know how to measure and advise; no muss, no fuss if something doesn't fit the way you want; no driving to the store to pick up,  no driving to the store to return; if you want to see how another tie looks,  just ask and NTR will work with you to make it happen.   NO ONE beats their customer service,  NO ONE!
These guys are awesome and you owe it to yourself to check them out.
A very satisfied repeat customer.
Thank you National Tuxedo Rentals you Rock!! - 5/17/16
James Kelley Prom
Springfield, Illinois

Wow amazing service, better than local retailers I must say…

Wow amazing service, better than local retailers I must say. Thank you again for your prompt response and accommodations. You have made this stressful time a pleasure. Have a beautiful weekend. J. Garcia - 5/20/16
J Garcia Prom
Sunrise, Florida

I was extremely hesitant about ordering a tuxedo online …

I was extremely hesitant about ordering a tuxedo online, but after going through your website, I felt you answered any question I had, and it was worth the chance. I was extremely happy with both the tux and your service. Everything was exactly as promised. I would not hesitate for a second to order from you again. Thank you so much for making this such a problem free experience.
PS....Feel free to share my positive experience.  
Mark Klinger - 7/30/2016
Mark Klinger Formal Event
East Northport, New York

My Saviors… 5 stars would be and understatement

I have to say, that ordering our rental for my husband couldn't have been made more easy! Everything came in a timely fashion, and the ease of return could haven been more simple. My husband and I have very busy schedules, and finding the time to get to a men's shop for measurements, along with pick up we were finding difficult. That's when I found you guys online, MY SAVIORS!! Upon arrival, we realized that my husband's vest was just a little snug around the middle. So, I called wondering if there was time to have another one shipped. Not only did you guys expedite another size pretty much overnight....there was no addition charge! And the gentleman that answered customer service at close to 8pm was so helpful! I think I was more shocked that someone was available at that time of night. Very VERY NICE PRODUCT AS WELL! It's rare to find something online, that is what it says. I recommend this tux rental to ANYONE! 5 stars would be an understatement ☺️ Job BEYOND well done! You made our special gala a complete success!! - 3/18/2016
Kathleen H Formal Event
Navarre, Florida

I accidentally ordered a brown suit instead of a black suit

Such a seamless experience. I accidentally ordered a brown suit instead of a black suit and realized it 10:30 p.m. two days before the event. I emailed the company and was shocked to have received a personal phone call within minutes and they had a new suit overnighted the following day. I will definitely shop here in the future and highly value the customer service I received. - 3/22/16
Tim P. Formal Event
Atlanta, Georgia

Times are hard and to rent a tux locally was around $230.00

I would like to say thank you so very much!  I didn't know what to really expect from renting a tux online, I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled!  Times are hard and to rent a tux locally was around $230 ... I saved over $100 by renting with you and the tux was well put together and looked great! - 3/22/16
Crystal S Prom
Hartselle, Alabama

It is if a tailor came to our home and did it personally

I wanted to thank you.   My son had his Jr. Prom this last weekend and his girlfriend has hers this weekend.   Your price to add the additional week is so amazing,  thank you. Also,  I'm attaching a picture of my son to show how awesome he looks in one of your tuxedos.   It fits perfectly thanks to your step by step measurement guide.   It is if a tailor came to our home and did it personally.   We will definitely use you again. Thank you! Erika and Kellan - 3/23/16 good looking (1)
Erika A. Prom
Brigham, Utah

I have had such an incredible experience and absolutely top rate service

I live in a town in NH without a lot of services close by. I have come to rely on online shopping for many things. I was not sure about trying to rent a suit for my 14 year old son online, but I decided to give it a go. I am happy to report that I have had such an incredible experience and absolutely top rate service. After receiving a suit that didn't work quite right, I came back to the website. The representative, Al, who answered my "live chat" window online went above and beyond what I would have expected. He even helped instruct us on how to place and wear cufflinks by sending us a picture of his own wrist! With no dad around we needed some guidance. Not only that but he helped us figure out exactly what we needed to get a suit that would fit well and properly. My son is growing fast and his limbs have outgrown his body in some respects so I worried we wouldn't be able to use a service like this. I am so glad I tried it. AND I am so grateful that even using an online company allowed me to connect with another HUMAN and have such highly personalized service. I already shared my kudos on social media. Honestly I have never done that, but I really applaud the service you are providing! Thanks- Amy from NH - 3/12/16
Amy R. Formal Event
Keene, NH

My husband looked awesome

Everything was wonderful.  The tux came in a timely manner. My husband looked awesome.  The entire process was effortless. Our wedding day was a blast.  Thanks so much for making our day stress free. I have recommended this service to others and we will use in the future.

Thanks again.  Please feel free to use in your reviews. - 2/27/16

Crystal H. Formal Event
Huntersville, NC

You have been truly amazing! … best experience… throughout my 13 years living in the US!

You have been truly amazing! This is probably my best experience with responsiveness, customer support and general attention to the changing customer needs throughout my 13 years living in the US! As a background: we had a snow-related change in the date of our event, and part of our large group did send the rented tuxedos back before knowing that the company generously allowed everybody to keep their rental for longer, free of charge. This is to explain that my comments are based on multiple interactions over a span of various weeks, as I had to reorder what I sent back. Thank you, Al, for working with every single case and making sure to attend to everyone, all while being responsive in the matter of minutes! This is truly going above and beyond the call of duty. The tuxedos looked very good and were perfectly tailored to the measurements. I very highly recommend the National Tuxedo Rentals to everybody. Best, Irina Y. from Washington, DC - 1/21/16
Irina Y. Formal Event
Washington, DC

I had shopped around town for a tux rental, going to the usual places.

I had shopped around town for a tux rental, going to the usual places. I drove across town, only to receive wrong information about the pricing---price was for a child's tux!! That wasted 2 hrs. of my time. THEN turned out other shops didn't have styles to try on, you chose from a book and it came in just before your event (no time to make changes).
Aside from trouble logging back on to the original order, it was a piece of cake to get my son's tux! He isn't an average build; it fit him perfectly and there weren't any issues. SO EASY TO RETURN.
We'll use again next year. - 2/20/16
Pat M. Formal Event
Los Angeles, California

Our experience with National Tuxedo Rental was PHENOMINAL!

Our experience with National Tuxedo Rental was PHENOMENAL!  My husband and 5 year old grandson rented a solid white, one with black tie, the other with black bowtie.  They were dressed as Mr. Roarke and Tattoo from Fantasy Island.  The event was a 70's Gals benefiting the local hospital in our hometown.  Needless to say, they WON the prize for best costume !  The service from NTR was spot on !  Very prompt arrival of the tuxes and the return couldn't have been Fantasy-Island-Galaany easier.  Thank yo for a great experience !  (I have enclosed a picture)  We will definitely use you again and will highly recommend to our friends! - 2/4/16  
Suzy M. Formal Party
Decatur, Alabama

National Tuxedo Rental was absolutely superb!

My experience first time with National Tuxedo rental was absolutely superb! They make everything from measurement guidelines and selection to shipping and return of rental a breeze. My tux showed up earlier than projected and fit like a glove! Thank you again!! 1/29/16
Darrel R. Formal Event
St. Louis, Missouri

My purchase was amazing. I was totally pleased…

My purchase  was a amazing. I was totally pleased with my purchase. From the time it took to deliver, the perfect sizing , the quickness of return was FANTASTIC!! I have already mentioned you to my friends, family ,fellow workers, church members, and fraternity brothers and to anyone that needs a tuxedo !!!  - 1/18/16
Juan S. Formal Event
New Orleans, LA

Your Company provided me with an “Amazing Tuxedo”

Your company provided me with an amazing Tuxedo for the Gala I attended, which allowed me to look sharp and stylish. I am going to tell everyone I know for their black tie events (weddings, software release parties, fashion and technology events) to call you for an amazing tuxedo at an affordable price. Plus Al was a great deal of help every step along the way. From making sure I had the right fit jacket to making sure I was able to return it when I returned from the UK with ease. Exceptional customer service and product selection that can't be beat. Thanks again Rob Conn Please feel free to use my comments as testimonies of your superior service and products. - 1/11/2016
Rob C. Formal Party
Harrison, NJ

They said I was nuts and crazy to order online … I would recommend this company and service to anyone

I was a guest at a big black tie wedding this New Year ’s Eve. We were told to go to a big named men’s store to get a tuxedo. There were over 200 guests and I would say 60% were men. We were told they arranged to get a 40% discount. I was hearing that some of the guys were paying $160 to over $200 to rent a Tuxedo with the discount. I thought that was high so I went online and found National Tuxedo Rentals. My whole family including my better half said I was nuts and crazy to order online. I was on their website 30 days before the event and started an IM chat and asked a ton of questions. I was told they ship out the tux way ahead of time and will replace any piece that did not fit correctly for FREE with a full refund if not satisfied. I went ahead and placed my order. With everything including shipping (no sales tax) it came to $89.00. The tux came in 12 days before the event. My coat and pants did not fit right. ( I messed up my measurements). I went on the site and started chatting with a man on a weekend that ended up being the owner. He was very nice and helpful walked me through the FREE exchange process. I received my new coat and pants in 2 days. It looked great! The event went well and my tuxedo looked NO different than the ones that were rented for over double the price. And besides saving money I did not have to leave me house to go rent it, I just put the tuxedo back in the box it came in with pre-paid shopping dropped it off at a FedEx Mail store ½ mile from my house. I heard some of the people at the event the next day stressing to get their Tuxedo back to the men’s store the next day to avoid an additional fee. This by far was the most convenient way to order a tuxedo I ever had. I would recommend this company and service to anyone needed to rent a tuxedo. Joseph Lanza - 1/2/16
Joseph Lanza Formal Event
Drexil Hill, PA

I look “just Marvelous” … you have a wonderful company

Just received my tuxedo and I am like a little kid getting ready for his first prom. Everything was as good as you said and my wife says that I look "just Marvelous". The fitted shirt is the one I will use.  Thanks for your help and I will be sure to spread the word. Happy Holidays, Alan - 12/21/2015 alan-stone-2015 Everything was as promised, you have a wonderful company.
Alan Stone Formal Event
Naples, FL

I’m really freakin’ happy with how this went!

Hey there, You asked for feedback, so here you go - I'm really freakin' happy with how this went!  I felt a little weird going into a Men's Wearhouse to get measured for a tux that I wasn't renting from them, but they were nonplussed and I got over it quickly. The suit arrived well-packed, and unfortunately the jacket sleeves were maybe a half inch short.  No problem, one phone call and a new jacket arrived the next day.  Wedding went off without a hitch, and the return was easy to execute. Nice oufit y'all have there! 12/27/15
Stephen P. Formal Event
Torrence, CA

Best customer service on the planet

I would give a 10 star review if it were possible. Best customer service on the planet. Thank you so much for taking care of me. David Loguercio - 12/8/15
David Loguercio Formal Event
Colorado Springs, Colorado

A $59 designer tux…really who does that? Well this AWESOME company does!!

We chose this company because of the WIDE variety of selections for tuxedos. The tuxedo we chose was the Mandarin style. My husband was soooooo pleased with the fit, the style, and the overall product itself. The fit was perfect and he only used the general sizing vs. the custom sizing option. So that says a lot. The price of these designer tuxedos are unbeatable and unbelievable. A $59 designer tux...really who does that? Well this AWESOME company does!! And most of all the tux came in the box and DID NOT need ironing! Wow simply outstanding! Let it be known that this review is an honest real life experience. I only wish I could post a picture. Ricardo and Miranda Johnson - 11/10/15
R. Johnson Formal Event
Beaumont, Texas

everything with this company was absolutely phenomenal…

I don't have the words to adequately express my gratitude to the national tuxedo company, form the free wedding manager to the personalized details of my entire wedding party, everything with this company was absolutely phenomenal.  The look on my wife's face when she saw me in my tuxedos was priceless, there's no amount of money that could have granted that moment.  I owe a big thank you to National Tuxedo Rental company for making my day great! - 10/30/15
Kenneth G. Wedding
Goose Creek, South Carolina

My son’s wedding this past Sunday was great….

My son's wedding this past Sunday was great, and I got many compliments on the tuxedo I wore.  Thanks for sending a great garment.  Also, thanks for the outstanding customer service; the first pair of shoes I ordered were just too tight, but you overnighted the larger size I needed the next day so I had them days before the big event.  I'll happily use your service again the next time I need formal wear.  And I did highly recommend you to my family and friends at the wedding.  I'll be shipping my tux and shoes back tomorrow. Thanks again, Ira D. Greene - 10/13/15
Ira D. Greene Wedding
Catonsville, Maryland

I would highly recommend your company to everyone I know

Thank you for quick delivery and accuracies on my tuxedo rentals.  We had our rentals on time and they fit perfect.  I would highly recommend your company to everyone I know. Brand H. - 10/22/15
Brandy H. Wedding
Mesquite, Texas

The Tuxedos were awesome, The Price was great.

The Tuxedos were awesome, The price was great.  The best thing was your service though.  We messed up and thought we had 2 weeks to return the tuxedos.  We hadn't sent them back for over a week before I read that they were supposed to be returned in two business days.  We hadn't sent them back yet because my son was trying to find his cuff links.  I called your support line to see what we should do and how much was this going to cost me.  Your representative Al tld me to just get them sent back and not to worry about the missing cuff links, and there would be no charge.  I want to thank you for that and will recommend you highly to others.  When my daughter gets married sometime in the future we will be using you again. Thanks Again!  10/7/15
Mark & Shannon F. Wedding
Fort Wayne, Indiana

My Experience was Excellent…

My experience was excellent, it was my first time using National Tuxedo and as you can expect I was a bit apprehensive.  But everything was great, the suit not only fit perfect but was also what I expected from the online pictures.  I have seen from other peoples experience with online sites what they order based on the picture of the tux but end up with something else. Thank You again for giving me one less thing to worry about for my daughters wedding.  I would recommend National Tuxedo to all my friends and family. 10/19/15
J. Bermingham Wedding
New Jersey

An Outstanding Experience…

I wanted you to know what an outstanding experience I had renting from National Tuxedo Rentals online.  I live in California and was traveling to NYC for a formal wedding.  I already owned a black suit, but needed a white pleated tuxedo shirt, cufflinks, button studs and bowtie to round out the outfit.  It was very simple to order everything to arrive with plenty of time to try on and insure it fit and was correct.  Lucky I did, as the bowtie received was amethtyst, not black.  Turns out I ordered the wrong one!  I wrote NTR in a panic and they wrote back immediately, saying no problem, they would rush me antoher black bowtie and I could return them both after the event.  2 days later the correct arrived.  I looked great at the wedding.... and was able to ship everything back from NYC before returning to California.  Also, the price was great.  I was able to rent all of the above for not much more than it would have cost me just to launder the shirt.  I will definitely use National Tuxedo Rental online again for future tuxedo needs and recommend them to all.  Thanks again. Bob Siegel - 10/20/15
Bob Siegel Wedding
Orlando, California

Best Vendor of Our Entire Wedding…

This was the best vendor of our entire wedding, they have the customer service couples dream of.  From the beginning of just calling in to get ideas and quotes we were treated like royalty.  They sent extra items at no extra charge.  Also all material was if not new barely worn so if I had to recommend anyone that is renting tuxedos, National Tuxedo Rental is where the men want to go and get from. - The Knot 10/26/2015
The Knot Wedding

I would recommend to everyone

Everything was wonderful, everything fit perfectly and was delivered quickly and it was easy to return.  We saved a lot of money and I would recommend to everyone. Thanks You, Sheila Foster - 9/14/15
Sheila Foster Wedding
Clarksburg, WV

We looked fabulous! Thanks Again!

Thanks for all your help and prompt service.  It was insurmountable...  Everything fit perfectly.  We looked fabulous!  Thanks again! - 9/7/15barbour-wedding
Shannon Barbour Wedding
Spring Grove, PA

The tux’s that we rented for my wedding were PERFECT!

The tux's we rented for our wedding were PERFECT!!  The tux's were in excellent condition (like New!), they fit perfectly, the ordering and measuring process was super simple, and they were far less expensive than any local rental place.  Thank You!  Thank You!  I will never rent anywhere else and would HIGHLY recommend your services.  Thanks again!  Great Job! Edward High Point, NC - 9/8/15
Edward McCracken Wedding
High Point, NC

Thank you for the wonderful service

Thank you for the wonderful service on the tuxedo rental.  Everything worked out beautifully.  We will recommend your company for anyone interested in renting a tux.  - 8/25/15
Glenn Spatt Formal Event
Henderson, Nevada

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I have told all my friends and family about National Tuxedo Rentals. testimonial-vaverans_Page_1  
Cristi V. Formal Event
Los Gatos, California

… the best customer service!

Mike & Al, Thank you both so much for your patience with me on this!  You have both exhibited the best customer service!  You only get married once (if you are lucky) so thank you for all your assistance!  Wishing you Well, Ashley Branson ntrtestimonial36
Ashley Branson Formal Event
Bloomfield, Nebraska

I wear suits every day but did not own a tux. The tux fit perfectly…

I wear suits every day but did not own a tux.  I recently needed one for a black tie event for work.  Not wanting to purchase one and not really having time to find a local rental site (all the quotes were very high).  I gave National a try and I was NTRscreenshotfbecstatic.  The tux fit perfectly and was clean and in great condition.  They even answered a question via chat on Sunday evening.  Great service!  I'll definitely shop with them again.
Jeff Cindy Flory Formal Event
Chesapeake, Virginia

Thanks to NTR, we all looked great at my wedding!

Thanks to NTR, we all looked great at my wedding! - Li Cheng ntr-cheng
Li Cheng Wedding

My first time using this service and I am so happy! … save over $160.00 from last year.

My first time using this service and I am so happy! Was able to pick and choose. And save over $160.00 from last year. I will be using for my wedding.
Vattica' Stevenson Formal Event
Lebanon, Tennessee

Beyond impressed with quickness of your service!

Beyond impressed with quickness of your service! Just received my sons tux for prom. Ordered Saturday and received 3 business days later! We will use your service again!!! :)
Brandi Smith Johnson Formal Event
Wheeling, West Virginia

Wow!! … the tuxedo’s looked great and fit awesome and the quality was better than expected!

Wow!! The customer service was outstanding, the tuxedo's looked great and fit awesome and the quality was better than expected! We received so many compliments! The price for this was just right! I can't thank them enough for making my special day look as good as I dreamed of.otillio-wedding-NTR
Otilio Torres Formal Event
Norwich, Connecticut

Went above and beyond to make everything perfect.

Highly recommended! Went above and beyond to make everything perfect.
Heather Eastman Wilsey Formal Event
Shirley, New York

Incredible attention to detail! This place is superb!

Incredible attention to detail! This place is superb! Can't wait to have another party just to rent from this place again. They take the worry out of the event. We accidentally left some items in a pocket and they called to tell us and were so COURTEOUS to send them back promptly. Wonderful company....
Jennie Spohn Formal Event
Cheyobygan, Michigan

What an amazing experience we had with Mike & National Tuxedo Rental!

What an amazing experience we had with Mike & National Tuxedo Rental! This being my first time, I was absolutely nervous & worried about everything possible, but Mike was there for me 100% of the way & made our experience PERFECT! If they said it, they sure did it & more! I will go out of my way recommend these folks to any & every person in need of a tuxedo! Thanks again, Mike! Our wedding was one to remember & you & your team were a huge part of it!
Cameron Smith Formal Event
Dacula, Georgia

Stellar service, great prices, and they had the exact tuxedo we needed!

Stellar service, great prices, and they had the exact tuxedo we needed! I would absolutely use them again.
Rebecca Pruner Kimble Formal Event
Hawthorne, New York

Absolutely phenomenal service

Absolutely phenomenal service. Each staff member responded to live chat and emails almost immediately and answered all my questions thoroughly and completely. The tuxedos far surpassed the quality I expected; I have seen rental tuxes from other retailers for three times the cost that weren't nearly as nice as the ones we got from National. They also went the extra mile for me when I realized I had accidentally ordered four of the wrong ties; they sent me the right ones quickly and at no extra charge. I very much appreciated that and also that the groom's tux was complimentary. All the guys in the wedding looked fantastic and we will spread the good word about National to everyone--thanks again!
Lori Erickson Trump Formal Event
Fairfax, Virginia

My guy wanted a James Bond look for his daughter’s Vegas wedding

My guy wanted a James Bond look for his daughter's Vegas wedding. The outfit we rented from National Tuxedo Rentals could not have been more perfect....or easier....and all for way under $100!! I got help on the measurements and it fit him like a glove yet ultra comfortable. He liked it so much he wore it a second night on the town. Highly recommend this service and we will certainly be using it again.
Karen Mack Formal Event
Odessa, Texas

Had such a great experience with National Tuxedo Rentals!

salas-wedding-NTR2Had such a great experience with National Tuxedo Rentals! Mike was very helpful in finding exactly what we needed! Since we have no experience in putting together a bridal party, he guided us and helped us put together a sallas-NTR1beautiful, cohesive bridal party! Many thanks!
Jessica Salas Formal Event

This was five star service, to say the least. Thanks, National

I recently ordered a tuxedo for my son from National Tuxedo Rentals. From my first contact with them, throughout the ordering process, shipment, and ultimately return of the tux, NTR provided SUPERLATIVE service. I cannot provide enough positive feedback about this experience. The staff members who I interacted with were knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and courteous throughout the entire process. I am very satisfied with this experience. Without hesitation, I would recommend them to my family and friends, as well as to anyone else who needs a tux or tuxes. I will definitely be a return customer in the future. This was five star service, to say the least. Thanks, National
Heather Laughland Formal Event
Steeleville, Illinois

my wife said that my tux was the best looking…

"I can't thank you enough for what you did for me. Last night was an amazing time.  On the way home my wife said that my tux was the best looking one there. I had been checking them out all night and had already come to the same conclusion." Wayne McKnight
Wayne McKnight Formal Event
Collierville, Tennessee

I highly recommend them for your next event!

andre-daniels-NTR1I've used National Tuxedo Rentals for 4 event 2 being major with multiple parties involved and the attention to detail was impeccable. Al Cardi and his team gives the white glove treatment from beginning to end, I'm such a fan I have purchased 2 tuxedos for my collection. I highly recommend them for your next event! C. Andre Daniels
Andre Daniels Formal Event
Hainesport, New Jersey

National Tuxedo Rentals is AMAZING!

Dain-Ammons-NTR2National Tuxedo RDain-Ammons-NTR1ental is AMAZING!!  We saved over $250.00!  We had 2 rentals in 3 weeks and the quality and customer service were unsurpassed.  So easy and convenient I will never use a "mens store" again!  Thank you Al, for your personal touch and for making my son look perfect at prom!  All the moms were complimenting him, and I was excited that ours were so inexpensive compared to theirs and with a better fit!!  Thanks again!!  Beth Ammons
Beth Farichild-Ammons Formal Event
Warrenville, Illlinois

“Best Tuxes Ever”

I'm so happy we chose your company for our wedding. Best tuxes ever!
Sandra P. Wedding

“I’ll never use a large chain tuxedo store again”

I love your tuxedos they are fabulous everything was perfect. I'll never use a large chain tuxedo store again.
Joe B. Cruise
New York City, New York

“The best experience I’ve ever had renting a tuxedo”

You guys are incredible, this is absolutely hands-down the best experience I have ever had renting a tuxedo. Thank you so much for making everything so easy, I really appreciate your service!
Ralph P. Black Tie Event
Princeton, NJ

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