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'Capri' Full Dress Tail Coat Jacket by Cardi

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This style is perfect for the following occasions:

This beautiful full dress tailcoat boasts a Super150's fabric, 6-button front styling, rich satin peak lapels, self-top collar with a self-wel breat pocket accent, and a rear center vent. The ultimate of high society. Available with matching Super 150's pleated pants, matching flat, or matching slim-fit flat front pants. If you are looking to build a complete tuxedo ensemble using the Capri Black Peak Full Dress, please visit our easy tuxedo-builder program. The tuxbuilder will save you money on any complete rental package.

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The Capri is a black full-dress evening tailcoat that is suitable for an evening white-tie formal event. As far as tailcoats go, this one is best in class as it features a high-grade luxury black fabric.

Specifications for the Black Capri Tailcoat

Find out all of the important details about this flagship evening tailcoat below.

Color / Pattern: Solid Black Tux

This tailcoat comes in a classic solid black color, does not feature any pattern – it is 100% acceptable for a white-tie event.

Tuxedo Fabric: Super 150's (150 Thread Count)

You will surely feel the difference of this super high quality fabric. The Super 150 Luxury Soft fabric on this tailcoat features one hundred and fifty threads per square inch, it is soft and light – it's miles ahead of standard grade rental fabric.

Buttons / Front Closure: 6-Button Tailcoat

As standard evening full-dress fare, the jacket features a six-button closure that gives a stated formal appearance that is handsome and classical. As a double-breasted tailcoat, the jacket is non-closing – which means the buttons are not functional and not intended to hold the jacket shut. This is a traditional feature of full-dress evening tailcoats.

Lapel Style: Satin Peak Lapels

The lapels on this tailcoat are peak-style lapels made from a luxury satin fabric that is classic and acceptable for an ultra-formal white-tie event.

Tuxedo Style: Classic Double Breasted Tailcoat

The jacket is double breasted, which means it features buttons on each side of the jacket front and has a symmetrical appearance.

Coat Vents: Center Vented

This coat features a center vent style, as typical with tail coats. A slit up the bottom rear-center of the jacket creates the coat 'tails'.

Other Features and Specs for this Black Tailcoat:

  • Tailcoat Tails: Full-Length Tails
  • Self-Top Collar – Top of collar is made from the same material as the jacket.
  • Pockets: One Self-Welt Breast Pocket. Hip or Side pockets are not found on tailcoats.

Recommended Uses and Occasions for this Tuxedo

The following occasions represent some of the events this tuxedo can be worn to.

White Tie or Evening Full-Dress Events

Usually, if you're looking for an evening tailcoat, you are attending a full-dress white tie event. In that case, this tuxedo is one of the best tailcoats you can rent.

Funny or Ironic Prom Tuxedo

Are you the class clown? Or perhaps you just want to get some laughs without being outrageous or too inappropriate. If your school is not particularly strict – a tailcoat is a hilarious choice that won't get you kicked out of prom – technically you'll be dressed more formally than everyone else! You're also welcome some of our other prom tuxes if you're looking for something more serious.

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