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10 Reasons To Rent a Tuxedo

10 Reasons to Rent a Tuxedo Why Should I Rent, Instead of Buying a Tuxedo? At National Tuxedo Rentals, you can choose to buy or rent your tux. We’ve weighed the pros and cons so you don’t have to. See 10 reasons why renting just makes sense: 1. IT’S MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE When you rent, … Read more

The Best Place to Rent a Tuxedo in 2024

The Best Place to Rent a Tuxedo in 2024: National Tuxedo Rentals When it comes to finding the best place to rent a tuxedo in 2024, National Tuxedo Rentals stands out as a premier choice. Recognized by as the BEST VALUE in their list of top tuxedo rental services, National Tuxedo Rentals offers an … Read more

Online Tuxedo Rental: Easy Exchanges

Tuxedo Rental - Easy Exchanges

Whether you are renting a tuxedo online or locally, there is one crucial point of service that will make or break your rental experience – that service is the exchange program. Here is our exchange program in a nutshell: exchanges are free, you do not have to send back your original items, and your replacements will … Read more

Online Tuxedo Rental: Early Delivery

Part 1: Early Delivery

When customers ask us about online rental, one of the most common questions we get is: what if something is wrong? Whether the concern is about fit, or just simply what happens if the wrong item is sent out – and how we rectify that. It’s a totally understandable question – when it’s your wedding or … Read more

Send Us Your Photos!

Real Customers of National Tuxedo Rentals

Today we are excited to announce an awesome program we’ve been working on: #NTRrealcustomers After one of our employees had a clever idea, we asked our wedding customers to send in photos from their weddings – and they’ve kindly obliged! We want to keep the momentum going, if you have any photos of yourself wearing … Read more

Large Formal Events: We Were at The Inauguration and Have an Announcement

It’s 2017 and we’re growing bigger than ever! National Tuxedo Rentals is on track to do great things this year. We kicked it off with taking on one of our largest and most high-profile events to date: the 2017 Presidential Inauguration Liberty and Freedom Balls. Our tuxes were present at these events, adorned by the production … Read more




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