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Can I rent a full tuxedo for the groom and only certain items for the groomsmen?

Yes, the group tuxedo manager supports coatless tuxedos, so you can assign a complete tuxedo to the groom and coatless tuxes to the groomsmen.

The group tuxedo manager only supports items via the tuxedo builder, which only supports complete tuxedo packages and coatless tuxedo packages. If you need just a  few items for each person, and not a complete or coatless complete tux package, then read the instructions below.


This guide is more for people who want their bridal party to pay for themselves. If your paying for everyone – just get everyone to send you their tuxedo sizes or measurements via email, and then place their order all in one shot. If you’re having everone pay for themselves, do read on.

Basically, we’re going to email our bridal party a list of links to the products you want them to order – that way they can just click on the direct links and add the exact items you choose to their cart. And that’s it. If you’re a computer wiz, you probably got the idea already and can stop here. If you’re not sure how to do that, read on and we’ll make it a breeze.

Gather Your Chosen Items

Go through our site and add the items you’re selecting for your bridal party to your cart. This gets al your products in one place for you, which will really come in handy for a later step.

Prepare an Email Message

At this point, you’ll want to fire up your email client (aka email app or program), or login to your email provider of choice and start composing a new message.

Give a little introduction to your wedding party, chances are they are new to online tuxedo rental – you can use the following as a template if you wish:

Dear Friends and Family,

We would like you to begin booking your tuxedos for our wedding – and we’re going to be doing it through a website called NationalTuxedoRentals.com. They’re an online tuxedo rental shop (good prices!) – which means there is no local store to visit, no need to corral somewhere at a single time and place. Our tuxes get delivered to everyone’s place of choice.

If you need help with sizing, please see their help sections for easy sizing or measuring instructions!

We would like you to add the following items to your cart, and checkout no later than[replace bracketed text with a deadline: we recommend 20-30 days before your event].

Your Items:

  1. [Link Here]
  2. [Link Here]
  3. [Link Here]

If you have any questions, ask me or one of the friendly support reps on the live chat box.


[Groom’s Name, or Bride & Groom’s names]

Paste Links To Your Items Into Your Email

This is where adding all your items to your cart comes in handy. Go to your shopping cart and repeat one of the following processes for each product.

  • Quickest: Right-click a product (or long-press on mobile) and choose “Copy link adress” or similarly-named option, this will copy the link to your clipboard. Go to your email and paste the link (Right-Click/Long-Press -> “Paste”, or use keyboard shortcut CTRL+V) .
  • Simple but time-consuming: Click on a product and select-and-copy the address from the address bar into your email.

Send Your Email

Enter all of the appropriate recipients into the “TO” field on your email app or website, make sure everything in the message body is correct, and send the email.

That’s it! Your party members should follow your instructions and checkout with your products. Be sure to maintain good communication with your wedding party to ensure everyone has placed their order by the deadline you set.




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