Why Does It Say “Recommended Checkout: ASAP” On My Event Dashboard?

By default, the Event Manager will recommend a checkout date that is 90 days before your event. 90 Days is a safe recommendation as it guarantees your items will be available for booking in the sizes you need.

Once your event is within 90 days, the recommended checkout date will change to “ASAP”, as the recommended checkout date has passed. It is completely up to you how long you will continue to wait before booking your items and sizes for your wedding date.

You will also see a date that represents the latest you can checkout without needing to pay for express shipping. Orders placed after this date will have to pay an express shipping fee depending on the size and travel-distance of their shipment.

Finally, if you wait too long, you may not be able to order at all, we do not accept orders placed too close to an event date (less than 9 days before an event).

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