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How Are You Responding to Covid-19 & Related Issues?

Thank you for your interest in National Tuxedo Rentals, our hearts are with all of you who have been affected and/or whom have had to adjust their special event plans because of the pandemic. We are all in this together, and look forward to humanity’s success in facing this situation.

Cancelled/Postponed Event? Here Are Your Options:

Please see below for your options, once you have an idea of how you will proceed, you can use our Covid-19 Solution Form to request a Free Extension, Free Hold/Rescheduling or a Cancellation.

  • If your Order Has Shipped

    • New Special Policy: Get A Free Extension (Up To 60 Days)
      If your event was postponed to a date within 60 Days, let us know and we’ll provide you with a free rental extension to keep your items until you need them.
    • Original Policy: Return Your Items As Scheduled (No Refund)
      You cannot cancel an order for any reason after it has shipped as we have already altered & prepared the items, paid for delivery & return postage, and will need to dry-clean & sanitize the items (even if you haven’t worn them, per our policy).
  • If your Order Has NOT Shipped

    • New Special Policy: Get a FREE Hold of Your Styles, Sizes & Items
      W can place a hold on your order at no additional charge so you can get your items at a later date. If you don’t know your order we can simply hold your items and you can let us know once you have a date. This service is completely free!
    • Original Policy: Request Cancellation (Minus $35 Cancellation Fee)
      You’ll need to re-enter sizes, styles and re-order again at a later date. You’ll receive a full refund minus $35 in cancellation fees.

Start Here: Covid-19 Request Form

Use our Covid-19 Solution Form to request a Free Extension, Free Hold/Rescheduling or a Cancellation.

Official Rental Cancellation Policy

Rental orders can be cancelled before shipment for a full refund, minus a $35 cancellation fee. Once the items are shipped, we will not provide a refund or credit for any reason, including but not limited to event cancellations, inclimate weather, and any other reason outside of our control. This is a firm policy designed to prevent fraud and abuse of our system. This allows us to keep our prices low for all customers, and ensure the highest integrity of our service. (Source:  /shipping-returns-exchanges )

Special Provisions for Covid-19

  • Free Extended Rental – Keep Your Items Until The Event: 
    Normally we require $25-per-week rental extensions for keeping your items for postponed events, but we will provide free extensions for events rescheduled to take place within 30 days of your original event date.
  • Free Hold On Items – Pause/Reschedule Your Rental For Free
    Pause your rental and/or reschedule for free! Even if you don’t have a new event date yet, you can simply request that we hold your rental until further notice. You can notify us of your new event date as soon as you have it and we’ll schedule your rental to arrive as if that were the plan all along. No extra fees, no extra hassle!




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