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How do I add additional items to my tuxedo package?

There is no feature within the tuxedo builder to add additional items to your package – however, you can easily add more items to your order once you’ve built your tuxedo.

To add additional items to your order, just visit the Browse & Shop section of our website, there you can pick and choose additional items in an a-la-carte fashion, pretty much like any other online store you’ve been to. (Also, if you’re on a large screen device like a desktop or laptop PC, check out the browse and shop navigation bar above – hover over a category to get quick access to the products you want.)

Once you’re ready – you can check out with your tuxedo builder tux(es) and additional items by going to your cart screen and clicking the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

Also, it’s worth noting, while you don’t need an account to save a tuxedo you’ve built – it’s a great idea to create an account with us to ensure you don’t lose your shopping cart with other items. If you create an account with us and have a shopping cart full of items, it’s ensured to be waiting for you next time you return. Without registering, your cart contents may only stick around for a few days, or less.

Finally, this is as good as any of a time to tell you about our Group Tuxedo Manager – which lets you save tuxedo styles to your tux manager account, add people to your bridal party, and assign the tuxes you saved to each member. You can even assign diferent tuxes to different people, the control is pretty fine-grained. To that end, we even let you specify how you would like to distribute financial responsibility: everyone pay’s for their own tux, you pay for everyone – or you can pay for some tuxes leaving others to pay for their own.




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