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Everything you never knew you wanted to know about prom tuxedos is right here. Whether you’re looking for fashion tips, sweet prom discounts and coupons, or answers to some burning questions you might have because – let’s be real, there’s no Tuxedo 101 in high school.

So get ready to go to school all over again, but this time we’re loading your thinker up with the right tips and info for you to look incredible for prom.

Learn about renting a tux for prom

Build Your Prom Tuxedo for as low as $149

No matter what your budget is we have a tuxedo for you, and if you don’t know the first thing about tuxedos – that’s just fine! Our online tuxedo builder will easily let you build your tux – walking you through each step, until you’re finished!

We offer three package ‘tiers’ each with a mix of quality tuxes, brand names, and features – how much you spend is up to you, and depends on your tastes.  We call them the Mayor Collection, Governor Collection, and President Collection of tuxedos.  There are many great tuxedos in all collections and we have all tuxedo fits - Skinny Fit, Slim Fit, and Modern Fit.  

Tuxedo Styles for Prom

Don't limit yourself to what we tell you - nearly all formal styles are accepted at prom, so its truly up to your preference.  You can always email us a pic of a certain prom look you may be going for and we can help you acheive it. 

  • Stingray - Red / Notch - $179 Complete


Questions about Renting a Tux for Prom

Whether this is your first prom, or last – it’s never too late to ask some questions. Here are some of our favorite questions we have gotten from our customers about prom and formal wear.

When should I rent my tuxedo for prom?

It’s always good to plan ahead! We recommend placing the order for your tuxedo as soon as possible, though if you are one for procrastination, try to get it done no less than 16 days before prom if possible as we deliver the tuxedo to you 10-14 days before your event for try on. This allows time for delivery and ample time for try-on and exchanges in case something doesn’t fit exactly as you like it.  .

My Prom Is in less than two weeks and I don’t have a tux, what do I do?

Don’t sweat too much – it’s a tight situation but not dire. If your prom is at least 16 days away, you can still place your order with us.. However, if your prom is less than 16 days away – you absolutely should choose an expedited shipping option at checkout so that you can have a guaranteed delivery date. Be sure to use our tool to estimate shipping costs and availability for your specific scenario.

If you’re in this situation, the faster the shipping method you choose, the more time you have for try-on and making any potential last-minute exchanges.

Do I have to spend a lot of money on a prom tuxedo?

Not if you order online at NTR! You can build a complete prom tuxedo package for just $149 from our online store. If you’re looking to go high end, even our best tuxedos only go for $179  and there are plenty of in-between options. This price includes free shipping both ways and we do not require any security deposits allowing you to keep more money in your pocket to spend on your prom date. 

Should my accessories match my date’s dress color?

Unless your school has a dress code that specifies you need to coordinate with your date, the decision of whether or not to match your date’s garment color is entirely up to you! You should discuss it with your date – do you want to match? Does he or she want it to match? It’s a personal decision. You may have heard that matching is the way to go – it can be a nice touch!

Don’t forget, you can also coordinate without matching! Pick a theme, get creative. If you have school colors, perhaps your date could wear one color while you wear the other. You can also just pair colors that look great together – Have Fun! It’s Prom!

Prom Tux Specials and Discounts

Looking for a great deal on a prom tuxedo? We have the best deals on them. 

Prom Tuxedo Sale: All Tuxedo Packages Currently $40 OFF

Get a fashionable prom tux cheap, or a standard tux for even cheaper! All of our tuxedo packages from our tuxedo builder are currently on sale:

  • Mayor’s Tuxedo PackageRegular $194 on sale for $149
  • Governor’s Tuxedo PackageRegular $214 on sale for $159
  • Presidential Tuxedo PackageRegular $224 on sale for $179

Prom Tuxedo Styles and Tips

Are you at a complete loss when it comes to formal fashion? That’s fine! Being a fashion expert is not a requirement for wearing a prom tux, especially when you have these handy tips at your disposal to look great at prom.

Try Something Different

We have many different color and style tuxedos for you to choose from.  Contrasting lapels are very popular for 2020-2021.  These are the coats with black lapels on blue, grey, white, and other color coats.  

Skinny Ties and Bow Ties are In

Bow-Ties are in right now, and for good reason. Nothing manages to take a tux up a notch and make you stand out like pairing your tuxedo with a bow tie. Alternatively, if bow ties are not your thing - opt for a skinny neck tie! They bring a fashionable coolness to a tux that wider ties just don't have when it comes to modern styles that appeal to younger crowds.  We also offer all ties in tie yourself versions as well as pre-tied.  

Be Bold with Your Colors!

Sometimes all it takes is a bold move to stop the show. No one will know whether or not you’re wearing a designer tuxedo – but everyone will notice a bright, bold color on your neckwear and vest. So when you choose your vest accessories, keep in mind – if you’re one for standing out, there’s no wrong color option. You can coordinate or match with your date – talk about it, find something fun!

Other Helpful Tuxedo Resources

Have some other questions about your tuxedo, or renting in general? In addition to carrying some of the best tuxedos in the world, we also have a growing collection of high quality resources for tux rental. Check out some of these useful links to learn even more about tuxes.

  • The Tuxedo Guide offers a number of formalwear fashion tips and basic tuxedo information to help you choose the best tux for you.
  • Our tuxedo size and measuring guide will help you figure out your sizes on your own, or point you in the direction of a professional who can measure you for free, so that you have a perfect-fitting tuxedo for prom.
  • Tuxedo Rental: How It Works will answer all your questions about renting a tuxedo online.
  • Our Exclusive Gown Color Matcher will help you zero right in on the perfect match for your date's dress.  Browse through Vera Wang, Alfred Angelo, David's, Mori Lee, Allure, and many more coming. 
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