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Rent a Tux Online in 4 Steps

1 Create The Perfect Look

We have thousands of styles and color options to choose from, and a complete tuxedo rental starts at only $109

The tuxedo builder guides you through each step. You can even select items based on your occasion, style and/or color preferences!

Save your tux and return when you’re ready to enter your sizes & pay.

Start Now: Build a Tuxedo

2 Get Your Measurements

Our simple online measuring guides make it easy to get your tuxedo measurements at home.

You can also print a measuring form and go to a tailor or dry cleaner to get measured by a professional.

Once you’ve entered your sizes, you’ll be able to checkout.

Need Help? Check out our tuxedo sizing and measuring guide!

Get Fitted Using Photos - 3D Photo Sizing

3 Home Delivery & Try-On

Items arrive at your door 7-10 days before your event via FedEx, so you can try them on and ensure everything fits.

Fit Issue? You don't have to send anything back to get replacements! Simply let us know and we'll send out free fitting replacements!
To be eligible for a free exchange you must have placed an order for a total of $50 or more, excluding shipping and notify us of any issue within 48 hours of delivery.

We ship anywhere in the contiguous USA: Estimate Delivery Times

4 Wear & Return Your Items

After you’ve worn your items for your event, you can send them back in the box they came in.

Every tuxedo rental includes a FREE pre-paid return shipping label. Apply this to the package and request a FedEx pickup or take to your nearest FedEx drop-off location.

Your rental lasts until 3 calendar days after your event date.

Extended Rentals? Buy a rental extension to keep your items longer!

So, are you ready to begin? Build a Tuxedo

Event Style Manager: Coordinate Everything

Wedding / Group Tuxedo Sign Up Create Your First Look you'll register your event as you go.(it's free, we wont ask for your card)

Add Friends / Family Add Your Friends & Family

Email Measuring Instructions Everyone Gets an Email w/ Instructions and a Sizing Form.

Custom Tuxedo Designs Assign Your Custom Tux Designs to Your Group-Members.

Payment You Can Pay for Anyone, or They Can Pay for Themselves. (checkout options become available for each person after they've been assigned a tux and entered their sizes)

Track Rental Progress Track Everyone's Progress. Send Reminders & Instructions as Needed.

Enjoy Your Tuxedo! Have The Time of Your Life.

Register Your Event

Two Ways To Rent Tuxedos Online

Online Tuxedo Builder

For a cheap and easy, guided experience: the tux builder is the most popular choice for renting a complete tuxedo online. You will be guided through every step of the process, allowing you to make informed decisions in a simplified interface. Best of all, our tuxedo builder offers an astounding selection of 100+ tuxedo styles, ranging in price from $109 to $139.

All packages/prices-ranges include: a tuxedo jacket, pants, shirt, choice of any vest or cummerbund, choice of any long tie or bowtie, studs, cufflinks and a formal garment bag.

Build a Complete Tuxedo Now!

Browse & Shop Our Online Tuxedo Catalog

For a more traditional online shopping experience: use the Browse & Shop portion of our site. This method of shopping is useful when:

  • You don’t want a complete tuxedo package, and are browsing for individual rental or purchase items.
  • You want to rent from our collections of self-tie neckwear products.
  • You wish to rent a coatless tuxedo or other customized look that is not available in a complete tuxedo package.
  • Rent items in addition to your Tuxedo Builder items.

To browse & shop, just choose a category below or from the navigation bar at the top of every page.

Tuxedo Rental: Shop Products & Categories

Tuxedo Rental for Individual Formal Wear Items

Use the browse and shop section of our website to find and rent individual products. Many items are available for purchase in addition to rental. Most product types listed below are included free a complete tuxedo rental package.

Coats & Jackets

Tuxedo Jackets for Rental and Purchase

Over 100 styles of formal coats and tuxedo jackets for every formal occasion.

Popular Coat Categories:

  • Black Tuxedos
  • Grey Tuxedos
  • Notch Lapel Jackets
  • Peak Lapel Jackets

Tuxedo Builder Availability:

Included With Package!

Trousers & Dress Pants

Formal Pants for Rental and Purchase

View 30+ formal pant products in several color options with various features and styles.

Popular Pants Categories:

  • Black Pants
  • Flat Front Pants
  • Regular Fit Pants
  • Slim Fit Pants

Tuxedo Builder Availability:

Included With Package!

Formal Dress Shirts

Formal Dress Shirts Rental and Purchase

30+ styles of tuxedo shirts of every collar-type, available in pleated or plain-front varieties.

Browse Tuxedo Shirts by Collar:

  • Wingtip Collar Shirts
  • Laydown Collar Shirts
  • Mandarin Collar Shirts
  • Black Shirts

Tuxedo Builder Availability:

Included With Package!

Formal Vests & Novelty Prints

Vests for Rental and Purchase

Our selection of 400+ tuxedo vests include several print collections and color options.

Popular Vest Collections:

  • Solid Satin Vests
  • Herringbone Vests
  • Striped Satin Vests
  • Novelty Print Vests

Tuxedo Builder Availability:

Included With Package!

Tuxedo Neckwear

Formal Neckwear for Rental and Purchase

1400+ neckwear items available in pre-tied and self-tie varieties.

Browse by Neckwear Type:

  • Bow Ties
  • Long Ties
  • Skinny Ties
  • Ascots

Tuxedo Builder Availability:

Included With Package!

Formal Jewelry

Tuxedo Studs ad Cufflinks for Rental and Purchase

Several formal studs and cufflink sets to complete your formal look.

Popular Jewelry Styles:

  • White on Silver Jewelry
  • Black on Silver Jewelry
  • White on Gold Jewerly
  • Black on Gold Jewelry

Tuxedo Builder Availability:

Included With Package!

Tuxedo Shoes

Formal Tux Shoes

Browse our selection of formal tuxedo shoes & dress shoes.

Featured Shoe Styles:

  • Black Shoes
  • Brown Shoes
  • Ivory Shoes
  • Grey Shoes

Tuxedo Builder Availability:

Add-On for Only $19

Pocket Squares (Hankies)

Formal Pocket Squares for Rental and Purchase

Our pocket squares are available in the same colors and styles as our tuxedo vests.

Pocket Square Collections:

  • Solid Satin Hankies
  • Striped Satin Hankies
  • Venetian Hankies
  • Tapestry Hankies

Tuxedo Builder Availability:

Add-On for Only $4.95

Accessories & More

Tuxedo Accessories - Rent or Buy

Check out these additional accessories that will enhance your formal wear look!

Popular Categories:

  • Canes
  • Gloves
  • Formal Hats
  • Scarves

Tuxedo Builder Availability:

Add To Cart Separately

Tuxedo Delivery & Exchanges: Faster and Easier Online

Your Tuxedo Rental Will Arrive 7-10 Days Before Your Event

As long as you’re not ordering last minute, you’ll get your items at least a week before your event. If you are cutting it close, you may want to estimate delivery times before ordering.

Estimate Shipping Delivery Times

If Something Doesn’t Fit, We’ll Exchange It Free For Orders over $50

Try on your items within 48 hours of the time they are delivered. If something doesn’t fit, let us know by visiting our website and clicking the [Order Tools & Exchanges] button at the top of our site. We’ll send out replacements right away without you having to send back the original items. You may simply return everything in the same box once your rental is complete.

FREE Shipping Both Ways For All Tux & Suit Packages

All tuxedo builder orders automatically qualify for free shipping both ways, as do all orders over $99. Orders under $99 will be charged a flat-rate shipping fee of $8.95. Your items will arrive in a package containing a pre-paid return shipping label. When you’re ready, apply the return label and send everything back in the original box!

Your Rental Lasts Until 3 Days After Your Event

Your items are due back in transit by 3 calendar days after your event. In other words, your items should be in the mail by this time. If you require to hold your items for a longer period you may be interested in purchasing a rental-extension to avoid incurring late fees.

Receive 7-10 Days Before Your Event
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Shipped Anywhere In USA
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