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Event Manager: Help & Information

The Event Style Manager lets you coordinate your styles in one easy place.  This handy guide will walk you through the Event Manager process so you can start designing your group’s look in no-time!


The Event Manager is a very simple tool to use, however it’s worth knowing ahead of time how everything will work to ensure a great experience. There are 6 major steps involved, but they’re all very simple and easy:

  1. Registration – Sign up for the Event Manager (Learn More)
  2. Add Your Group Members – Enter the names and email addresses of each person (Learn More)
  3. Create Tux Styles – Build your own tuxedo styles and save them to your account (Learn More)
  4. Assign Tuxes to Group Members – Assign your tuxedo creations to the people in your group. (Learn More)
  5. Collecting Sizing/Measurement Info – Sit back and wait while your group members enter their sizes. (Dont forget to enter yours!) (Learn More)
  6. Checking Out / Booking Tuxes – Pay for everyone yourself, or send out email notifications with checkout instructions so everyone can pay for themselves. (Learn More)


Now that  you have an idea of what to expect, let’s review each step in more detail.


Registration is simple and easy! Just enter your event details, your information (name, email, phone) and set your password.

Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll be able to login to your brand new group dashboard.

Group Members

These are the people in your group. One of the first things you should do upon visiting your group dashboard is add your other group members. It’s important to do this early, as it will let your group know how to get and submit their sizing or measurement information. The sooner everyone has their sizes, the sooner everyone can reserve/order their items.

Adding Group Members

Begin by visiting your group dashboard, and follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click the “Add a New Person” button near the top of the ‘My Group’ section of your dashboard.
  2. Enter the following information for this person/party member:
    1. Name (first & last)
    2. Email Address
    3. Role (the role of the person in your event)
    4. Tuxedo Style (choose one of your saved tuxes, or ‘None’ to assign one later)
  3. Submit the form to complete

You will be sent back to the dashboard, where you’ll find your newly-added group member is waiting for you.

You can also bulk-import group members: if you’re using a computer, you’ll see an option for bulk-importing group members near the ‘Add a New Person’ button. With this option you can upload a spreadsheet document or type everyone’s info into a comma-separated list.

Editing Group Members

You can view and edit a party member’s information by clicking on the ‘Edit Person’ link below their name.

Removing Party Members

You can easily remove a party member by clicking the ‘Delete Person’ link below their name. You cannot delete a person who has placed an order.

A confirmation box will appear and you can choose to permanently delete that person, or cancel your deletion request and safely return to the dashboard.

Creating Tuxedo Styles

To create a new tuxedo style/package – click the “Create a New Look” button under the “My Tuxes” section.

You will then be taken to our Online Tuxedo Builder, which enables you to easily and quickly create the perfect tuxedos for your group through a friendly interface that walks you through each step.

Assigning Tuxedos

To assign a tuxedo to a group member, or change their existing tuxedo style, just click the “Change Tux” link under their listed tuxedo. You’ll be able to update the tuxedo style under the person’s profile.

Alternatively, you can assign a tuxedo to multiple people at once by checking the boxes next to each person you want to assign a tuxedo to, then choosing the ‘Assign Tuxedo’ option from the bulk actions list. Another option list will appear and you can choose which tuxedo you want to assign to these people.

Collect Size/Measurement Information

A crucial part of your group manager experience is ensuring the people in your group get their sizes or measurement information and submit it to your account. Here is a breakdown of how that works:

Upon adding a person, they are sent a sizing request email:

The email contains an introductory message explaining what’s up, along with a unique link that will allow the person to enter their sizes or measurements. If the person doesn’t have that information on hand, they can say so in the form – and they will be provided instructions on how to get their measurements. (View example size request email)

It doesn’t hurt to reach out:

While we feel our size request email does an okay job of introducing your party members to the group manager process, it’s almost always beneficial for you to personally reach out and give folks a heads up – you never know when an important email can be missed or inexplicably placed into a spam folder, never to bee seen. So please be sure to give a personal shout-out to the folks you’re adding to ensure they 100% are aware of their responsibilities in regards to the group manager.

Watch your dashboard closely:

You will notice that there are one or two small status labels for each member on your dashboard. One is for whether or not the person has entered their sizes, the other is for whether or not they have placed their order (or if one has been placed for them).

As your event date approaches, you’ll want to make sure your group has their sizes entered, or at least is taking steps to get their sizes. Don’t be shy about reminding them, you’re in charge! You can use our custom message option to say anything you need to say. Remember, if anyone is not comfortable measuring themselves, they can get professionally sized/measured for free or for a modest fee at any local tailor.

Reserving Tuxes / Checkout

Checking out with the event manager is very flexible, any of the following payment arrangements are possible:

  • You can pay for everyone’s tuxes in one transaction
  • You can pay for everyone separately, in multiple transactions
  • You can pay for one or more persons, while letting others pay for themselves
  • You can pay for just your own tux, and everyone else pays for themselves.


There are a few ways you can check out, or help your group members checkout. However, before you or someone else can order a tuxedo for any given person – two conditions must be met:

  1. That person must have already submitted their sizes
  2. That person must have been assigned a tuxedo.

Once those conditions are met, you have a few options:

  • Add To Cart – Appears just below the ‘Tuxedo Booked?’ status. Use this link to add this person’s tux to your cart. Click to add the item to your cart.
  • Send Instructions – Appears just below the ‘Tuxedo Booked?’ status. Use this link to send an email to this person which contains a special link so that they may pay for their tuxedo.
  • Multi/Bulk Add-To-Cart – If you want to order multiple people’s tuxedos at once, check the boxes next to each name, then use the ‘Add Tuxedos To Cart’ option under the bulk actions list. In a few moments, everyone’s items will be in your cart, ready to checkout.

How To Pay for Multiple People’s Tuxes

  1. Check the box next to each person whom you’d like to order for.
  2. Once you have selected your desired group members, select the ‘Add Tuxedos to Cart’ bulk action
  3. Click ‘Apply’
  4. In a few moments, you will be taken to your shopping cart with everyone’s tuxes waiting for you
  5. Scroll to the bottom of your cart and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and complete your order.

How to Pay for One Person’s Tux

Once this person has been assigned a tux and entered their sizes, you may pay for their tuxedo.

  1. Click the ‘Add To Cart’ link for that person (it is located under their ‘Tux Booked’ status.)
  2. You will be redirected to the shopping cart page with your tuxedo waiting for you
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and complete your order


How to Let Someone Pay For Themselves

You can send someone ordering instructions after they have entered their sizes and been assigned a tuxedo:

  1. Click the ‘Send Instructions’ link for that person (it’s located under their ‘Tux Booked’ status).
  2. An email is automatically sent to that person with a link and instructions to checkout.
  3. Your dashboard will be updated when their order is placed

You Can Use Bulk-Actions Too: Use the ‘Send Ordering Instructions’ option in the bulk actions list.

Additionally, sometimes your group members will be offered the opportunity to pay for their tux immediately after entering their tuxedo sizes.

This happens when you have already assigned a tuxedo to someone before they have entered their sizes. At the moment they entered their sizes, they are presented a link to checkout, if they wish. However, if they do not take this opportunity, you will need to manually resend ordering instructions. Generally, as a rule of thumb, if someone has entered their sizes but has not yet placed their order, you’ll need to send ordering instructions so that they can access the ‘Add-To-Cart’ link again.

How To Tell When Someone Has Paid for their Tux

Once a party member has placed their order, their status is updated on your dashboard.

Additionally, you’ll be sent a real-time notification immediately when someone enters their sizes into the system.

Everything is complete once all party members look like this (two green blocks)!

Additional Resources

  • Help / FAQ – Find answers to pretty much any question you may have about our service
  • Contact Us – All of our available means of contact (phone, email, chat, postal)
  • Live Chat – Use the red box at the bottom right of the screen to contact us in realtime!
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