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An All-New National Tuxedo Rentals

Welcome to the all-new National Tuxedo Rentals store. We’ve rebuilt everything so that we can offer our customers the very best online tuxedo rental experience. Lets explore, shall we?

We’ve been working in the tuxedo industry for over half a century, and back in 2007 we decided to bring our expertise to the web. Fast forward to today, we’ve rented thousands of tuxedos, and learned a lot about the online business. We have taken seven years of knowledge and built it into what we feel is one of the best online tuxedo rental experiences on the web. This is the new

This Changes Everything

We literally left our old website/system behind, kept nothing. We combined all of the things we’ve learned doing business over the past several years into a wholly new website and system, and we’re going to keep building upon it. We’ve learned that if we want to stay ahead, we can never stop evolving.

But before we go talking about the future, let’s talk about what we’re bringing you today!

A Whole New Catalog

We have decided to put a lot of energy into our catalog, taking smaller steps and devoting more time to getting each one right along the way. We are re-launching with a catalog of 3,000 rental products.

Because of this, our catalog is more rich. We currently have high resolution images for every product in the catalog, as well as unique-hand written descriptions. We aren’t talking boring spec-list descriptions either (though we have those too). Our catalog is expressive and tells you about our products in a down to earth, human manner. We wanted to speak to our customers.




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