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The Best Place to Rent a Tuxedo in 2024

The Best Place to Rent a Tuxedo in 2024: National Tuxedo Rentals When it comes to finding the best place to rent a tuxedo in 2024, National Tuxedo Rentals stands out as a premier choice. Recognized by as the BEST VALUE in their list of top tuxedo rental services, National Tuxedo Rentals offers an … Read more

Send Us Your Photos!

Real Customers of National Tuxedo Rentals

Today we are excited to announce an awesome program we’ve been working on: #NTRrealcustomers After one of our employees had a clever idea, we asked our wedding customers to send in photos from their weddings – and they’ve kindly obliged! We want to keep the momentum going, if you have any photos of yourself wearing … Read more

Large Formal Events: We Were at The Inauguration and Have an Announcement

It’s 2017 and we’re growing bigger than ever! National Tuxedo Rentals is on track to do great things this year. We kicked it off with taking on one of our largest and most high-profile events to date: the 2017 Presidential Inauguration Liberty and Freedom Balls. Our tuxes were present at these events, adorned by the production … Read more

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Tuxedo Rental

Dale Earhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has never rented a tuxedo from us, so it’s safe to say he wasn’t talking about our tuxedo rental service when he wrote the following tweet: Mr. Earnhardt didn’t specify whether it was an online tuxedo rental service or an old-school brick-and-mortar tux shop that has left him feeling this way. One … Read more

Announcing Our 2017 Suit Additions

3 New 2-Buttuon Suits

Yet another new addition to our 2017 collections are arriving in March 2017! We have three brand new super 150’s suits. You may be familliar with our Navy Aspen suit which arrived in 2016 – in 2017 it’s back in three new colors: Black, Heather Grey and Charcoal. You may also be interested in our … Read more

4 New Shawl Jackets Arriving in March

4 New 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo Jackets

As we continue to expand our formal wear collection for 2017, we’re poised to keep you updated every step of the way. Our latest formal wear announcment comes in the form of 4 beautiful one-button shawl tuxedo jackets. Each of these jackets feature a contrasting black satin shawl lapel, that’s right – color is set … Read more

New Styles for 2017!

New Formal Wear Styles for 2017

We have some exciting new additions to our catalog that are sure to shake things up for 2017. Best of all, you can reserve these styles today for any event taking place in or after March 2017. To be clear, these styles are not available for rental for any event before that time. With that … Read more

New Cummerbund Styles and Colors

New Cummerbunds at National Tuxedo Rentals

We are happy to announce that we have added a whopping 193 new cummerbund styles and colors to our tuxedo collection. Now you can get your cummerbund in all of our most popular collections. You may have seen our vests in theses styles and colors, and now we carry our cummerbunds in all of the same styles … Read more




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