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Online Tuxedo Rental: Returning Your Tux

Let’s get right to it – it’s way easier to return your tuxedo when you rent online, and costs nothing. You can drop it off at any one of 1,800 staffed FedEx locations in the United States, or have it picked up right from home – and it’s always free to return your tux.

When you rent locally from your brick and mortar rental shop, you have to typically go back to the store you rented from, or one of a smaller selection of chain stores. In other words, you’re going to have to take a trip to return your tuxedo.

For reference, the largest menswear rental chain has fewer than 800 locations in the United States. That’s at least 1,000 fewer locations for you to choose from. The advantage with an online rental service is clear, particularly considering you also have the home pickup option as well.

Prepare to drive when renting locally

You Might Be Wasting Your Gas on Local Rental

Usually there’s no cost with returning  your tuxedo – right? Sure your tuxedo retailer does not charge you to return your items. Though, consider that you only have 800 or less locations to visit, you’re likely to drive further than your nearest FedEx location to return your tux. But if you go with scheduling a home pickup at FedEx.com – you don’t have to go anywhere. We’ll come to you.

Free, Pre-Paid Return Postage Included

Every order over $50 (which automatically includes any tuxedo builder package), is entitled to free return shipping. National Tuxedo Rentals includes a FedEx return label that is pre-paid and ready-to-use.

Just Use The Box It Came In

After sealing your items back in the original box it shipped in, simply peel and stick your free return label on the box and it’s ready-to-ship! For maximum satisfaction, feel free to literally ‘slap’ the label on the box. Go ahead, do it while no one’s looking.

So there you have it! Returning your online tuxedo rental should be much easier than renting in-store. Assuming you’ve chosen to rent online at NationalTuxedoRentals.com 

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