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Online Tuxedo Rental: Easy Exchanges

Whether you are renting a tuxedo online or locally, there is one crucial point of service that will make or break your rental experience – that service is the exchange program.

Here is our exchange program in a nutshell: exchanges are free, you do not have to send back your original items, and your replacements will arrive before your event. Simply let us know of any issue within 48 hours of delivery and we will send out free replacements.

Now let’s go back to the broad discussion of tuxedo rental exchange programs, and how ours differs from the competition.

Whether you’re commissioning a custom suit, or renting a pre-made tuxedo from a brick-and-mortar store, there is always the potential for something to go wrong. What makes each service unique is how they handle these issues. No matter where the fault lies, you need your garment and you need it to fit properly.

With that in mind, it’s immediately clear that for any formal wear service to succeed, it needs to have an exchange program that prioritizes customer satisfaction and fit above all else. While many will find that’s not actually the case with many tuxedo rental companies – we’re happy to say we’ve taken this philosophy to heart

We make tuxedo exchanges easy.

Exchanges are Free

We want the exchange process to be fair first and foremost – so we took away all fees associated with exchanges, as long as you notify us of any issue within 48 hours of delivery. This might sound like a catch, but we enforce this rule to ensure you make us aware of your issue with enough time for us to provide the exchange. Speaking of time…

Exchanges are Fast

We make sure that your rental is delivered 7-10 days before your event, so that you have 48-hours of try-on time, to let us know of any issues. That leaves us with 5-8 days to deliver your exchange items – more than enough time to deliver your exchange items. As for how long the process actually takes, we ship out all exchange requests the same or next business day they are submitted.

Exchanges are Easy

You do not have to send your items back for an exchange. Yes, you are reading that correctly. With that said, or exchange program is less like an exchange program and more like a free replacement program. Nothing is exchanged, we just send out replacement items to correct any issues you may have with your garment. 

Again, you just let us know of any issue within 48 hours of delivery, and we will send out free replacements within 1 business day.

48 Hour Tuxedo Try-On Period for Free Exchanges

Need to make an exchange? Look for the green “Order Tools & Exchanges” button at the top of our site. Mobile users, you’ll find this button after opening the top menu on our site.

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