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Online Tuxedo Rental: Early Delivery

When customers ask us about online rental, one of the most common questions we get is: what if something is wrong? Whether the concern is about fit, or just simply what happens if the wrong item is sent out – and how we rectify that. It’s a totally understandable question – when it’s your wedding or special event on the line, timing is everything. We have plenty of answers for every situation, but the first line of defense is simple: early delivery.

Your tuxedo rental arrives 7-10 days before your event. 7-10 days seems like a short period of time at first,  but let’s put that in perspective. When you rent locally, you can generally expect to have your items in your hands 2-3 days before your event. When you rent online from us, you can expect to have your items delivered 7-10 days before your event. So right off the bat we are extending your pre-rental period by a factor of 3-5 times what you can expect from a brick-and-mortar tuxedo rental store.

Furthermore, we support this early delivery period by a truly first-class exchange program. If you receive items that don’t fit you are entitled to free replacements. But the best part is not that it’s free – but that you do not have to send back your original items to get an exchange. Simply let us know within 48 hours of delivery and we will send out fitting replacements at no cost to you.

Tuxedo Delivery

We’ll cover our exchange program more in-depth in another post. But let’s come back to our early delivery program. What happens if you try to place an order where we couldn’t possibly ship your items to arrive 7-10 days before your event – suppose you were ordering last minute and your day is literally 7 days away! What then? 

In cases where there is an extremely limited amount of time before your event – our system will determine whether we can safely process your order, and process exchanges with enough time to deliver your original items, and any eventual exchanges before your event. Our system may actually refuse your order if we could not process the order AND process an exchange – we simply will not put our customers in a position where they could potentially get stuck with non-fitting items.

If the system allows you to place an order, it means you are guaranteed to be able to receive your items well before your event, and have time for exchanges.

If you’d like to check our service availability for your event date – try our estimate delivery tool.

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