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Large Formal Events: We Were at The Inauguration and Have an Announcement

It’s 2017 and we’re growing bigger than ever! National Tuxedo Rentals is on track to do great things this year. We kicked it off with taking on one of our largest and most high-profile events to date: the 2017 Presidential Inauguration Liberty and Freedom Balls. Our tuxes were present at these events, adorned by the production staff, stage crew, managers, directors, cameramen and more! If you happened to view the official broadcasts of these events, you most certainly got a look at our tuxes.

We’re extremely proud of the work our team has done for the event, and were happy to have helped the crew-members in looking their best on what must have certainly been a very, very busy day for those involved in working to make it possible. Congratulations to everyone for pulling that off – you guys looked incredible! Great job!

We share this news with you today for good reason! We would like to formally announce a new department within our company, developed with the intention to service our biggest groups easily and effectively:

Introducing our Large Groups, Events and Organization Services

Over the past few years we’ve been doing larger and larger events for amazing clients across a wide range of industries from Casinos to Musical and Theatrical Productions, we’ve even had our products used for Television and Film. No matter what the need, we’ve always found the best way to make this happen easily for our clients. 

Some of the benefits our large group / bulk-order clients have enjoyed are:

  • Special Bulk Discount Tuxedo Pricing
  • Special Packages Available
  • FREE Delivery to Select Locations
  • FREE Return Shipping & Exchanges
  • All Services Available Online from Computer or Mobile Device
  • Pay-for-Everyone or Everyone-Pays-Themselves
  • Customized Introduction & Instructions pages for your event / organization

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