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Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Tuxedo Rental

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has never rented a tuxedo from us, so it’s safe to say he wasn’t talking about our tuxedo rental service when he wrote the following tweet:

Mr. Earnhardt didn’t specify whether it was an online tuxedo rental service or an old-school brick-and-mortar tux shop that has left him feeling this way. One could only wonder what sort of tweet the NASCAR champion driver would have written had he built his tuxedo using our easy tuxedo builder. (Our guess is that it would have been a much happier one!)

However, his valid complaint hasn’t gone unnoticed. His tweet was published just days before his New Years Eve wedding, which news and sports outlets were quick to pick up on. And yes – even us tuxedo rental folks heard the message lound and clear.

But one thing is certain… it wasn’t us 🙂

Mr. Earnhardt, if you’re reading this: you’re welcome to take us up on a free tuxedo rental any time. We’ll be happy to show that all the right strides have been and continue to be made every day in the online tuxedo rental business here at National Tuxedo Rentals.

Brick and Mortar stores can sometimes struggle with the surge of New Year’s rentals, but online tuxedo rental services (at least the best ones) essentially take entire warehouses full of tuxedos and hook that inventory up to an internet connection, making them accessible to customer’s all over the country.

The result is a very reliable stock of tuxes for the entire nation, available for rental anywhere with an internet connection.




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