Our New Lowest Prices for Tuxedo Rental Packages

Important Update: As of January 3rd, 2017 National Tuxedo Rentals has raised the price of the $59 Mayor's Collection to $69. The package still includes all of the amazing accessories and items that make it a huge value as a truly complete tuxedo rental. The price change reflects the rising costs of operation as well as rising demand for our services. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

All Tuxedo Packages now $69-$109

We are pleased to announce our all-new low pricing on all of our tuxedo packages and tuxedo jackets. Our goal is to provide the best value and experience when renting a tuxedo, and lowering our already low prices is what we feel would benefit our customers the most. This sets us apart even further from your local chain rental store – as our rates are much lower and provide more value for your dollar.

All Tuxedo Packages Now $40 Off Original Prices

Our previous sale on tuxedo packages ($40 Off) has now just been bested by a new promotion: all of our tuxedo packages are $40 off their original store prices.

60 Tuxedo Styles now Just $109 in Package Builder

Previously you could only choose from 22 tuxedos in our package builder at $109, now we have 60 tuxedos at that price. This gives you more, better options at our lowest tuxedo package price.

Now you can get luxurious 150 thread count tuxedos in a complete package for just $109 – a first for our store, and we’re pretty sure you won’t find that price anywhere else.

Our tuxedo packages include a tuxedo jacket, pants, formal shirt, tuxedo neckwear (choice of bow tie, long tie or skinny tie), a tuxedo vest or cummerbund, your choice of formal jewelry, and includes a garment bag for convenient transportation to and from your event. Shoes can be added for just $15.

No Tuxedo Package Costs More than $99

Now you can get our best tuxedos for less! Our flagship tux package tier, The Presidential Collection, now costs just $99 with our new $40-Off Promotion.

New Cheap Tuxedo Rental Pricing Details

Here is the breakdown of our new pricing, which also affects the pricing of individual tuxedo jacket rentals.

New Lowest Prices on Tuxedo Rental Packages

Our various package tiers or ‘collections’ have new prices:

  • The Mayor’s Collection – Original Price: $119 – New Sale Price: $109
  • The Governor’s Collection – Original Price: $139 – New Sale Price: $119
  • The Presidential Collection – Original Price: $159 – New Sale Price: $13+
If you want to see our lowest tuxedo rental prices for yourself, use our tuxedo builder today!

Our New Best Prices for Tuxedo Jackets

When renting tuxedo jackets individually, our new prices are as follows:

  • Tuxedo Jackets previously priced at $45 now just $39
  • Tuxedo Jackets previously priced at $65 now just $45
  • Tuxedo Jackets previously priced at $85 now just $65

Be sure to check out our fantastic selection of rental tuxedo jackets.

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